What God want most from every creature is a personal relationship with him with fellowship in his word, prayer and worship. There are different act of worship that makes God smile in heaven, such kind of worship glorify God and blesses the worshipers.
One of the ways to make God smile is to love him supremely. To love is to give your time, energy and resources. The person with whom you spend the quality part of your time, exert the largest part of your energy and the person to whom you give your most valuable resources can be said to be the person you love supremely. So if you want to make God smile make Him your supreme love.

Trusting God completely brings smile on His face because faith is one thing He hope to meet when He come back to earth. To trust God is to believe in His word and have faith completely in Him that He knows what is best for you and that he has the power to make good His promises without any moment of doubt. Put your faith in God and get a smile on His face.

Continuous praise and thanks giving with a grateful heart make God know that He have grateful children and that make Him a happy father. It is a saying that praise and thanks is the food of the most high, so let praise Him even in advance that is belly may be full enough to bring out a smile on His face.
Obedience is said to be better than sacrifice and to yield better than a fat ram; meaning that God is most excited when we obey His commands and yield to His instructions. When you believe in His word to obey will not be difficult, when you have faith in Him to yield to His instructions will come naturally.

Using our talents and gifting for the glory of God bring smile on His face; every manufacturer of a product is happy when the product is fulfilling the purpose to which it was created most especially to the benefit of the manufacturer. Therefore, God enjoy every details of your life most especially your abilities use for His glory. Everything we do in life should be to the glory of God because when a product is not serving the purpose to which it was created the manufacture will be unhappy with such product. To make Him smile up there serve Him with the potential He as deposited in you.
God knows what is best for every of His creation, so trust in Him, love Him supremely, obey and yield to His instructions, praise him for what He has done He is doing and what He has done and most importantly serve Him with all of your potentials.
Num 6:25, Psalm 119:135