You woke up this morning brimming with life, alive enough to go about the days work, happy enough to put in more effort as you work towards your life goal. Life might have kicked you hard enough to knock you out, but you are not out yet, because you are still alive and kicking.

With your pocket full of dreams, dreams of a bright future, a future so bright you need sun shades to look at it, that must be what you see, i am very sure you are not seeing anything less than that and you should not, perhaps you are seeing less than that because of the very many frustrations around you, work, family and relationships, worry not, because they are but a step closer to the reality of your bright future.

You are reading this for a reason, because you could be doing something else right now, but you just had to be here right now reading this words, whether it's on your computer or on your mobile device, yes you had to, because before time itself existed it had been scripted, written down in gold, that i would one day pen these words and that you would one day read them and that is one of the many connections that you and i share, whether we know each other or not and you share that same connection with much more people than you ever know, people who will suffer if you never live out the reason for which you are alive, Nigeria suffers right now because her leaders are not living out the reason for which they are alive.

You are alive for a reason and i am alive for a reason as well and one of the reasons for which i am alive is what i am doing right now, reminding you that you alive for a reason for a purpose. Life is too short to live it unhappy, life is too short to live it for yourself alone, too short is life to live it fearful and afraid of any man, your boss, your husband, your boyfriend, father, your mother, your brother, your sister, your aunt, your uncle, don't ever live in fear of anybody, respect everyone you are connected to, love them.

Be the reason why someone is reminded he or she is alive for a reason, forward this to a friend, share with your friends, i just fulfilled a purpose, will you fulfill yours?