Express Your Love In SMS It Would Do The Magic

There are discussions going on around on the Internet as to the fact that the trend of sms sending has dropped, well how true that is I don't know, but i do know one thing every lady loves well thought out romantic messages whether you send it as an sms or in any other form it wont matter, what would matter to that lady that would be smiling after she reads the message is the fact that you thought it well enough to compose and send such to her, even if you did not compose it yourself at least you went out of your way to find an Internet resource like this filled with so many romantic sms rhymes to pick a nice one from and send to her.

With so many avenue of short message sending the medium is endless, if you think she or he wont respond to sms as quickly as possible, you could send it in BB message, it could be an inbox on facebook, it could be on 2go, it could be on twitter it doesn't matter as long as you care enough about her to express your love to her, so enjoy these rhymes send it to her plenty times and she would be yours for all time.

When you are mad at me and chose to be alone,
I love you.
When you are angry with me because I have done something stupid,
I love you.
When you call me names because am the one to blame,
I love you.
No matter the situation,
I love you

okay you have offended her and she is mad at you, send this to her and might just do the trick

Hanging round you is a whole lot,
wanting a taste of you like an honey pot.
No doubt you are hot
but like a mount you have only one top.
Like a race you have only one first.
Like in woman you have only one man

she can't help but feel she's the bomb cos she's finer than every one let her know how you feel

When the storm rages
we'll stand like the rock of ages.
When the enemies strive we will survive to their surprise
and because it a new day
our God will make us a way.

this will do the job when you want to go religious

Am not a perfect person not even you
I never mean to do somethings to you
but you sure know am still learning
and am yearning to stop kidding
my apology it is you are reading
i hope me you will be forgiving

this can make her get off her high horse when she has blown her top off angry at what you might have done

My love for you is supernatural,
with no makeup you are beautiful you look natural,
our wedding is going to be national
and our honeymoon international.

short, funny and precise but concise enough to make her/him smile when they read it

Am Nigerian am not finish,
my love is unending it can’t finish,
I will stay with you I won’t vanish,
I respect our love the image I won’t tarnish,
am wise enough to love you am not foolish,
I love you capish.

seriously even if you are not Nigerian you can always put what applies to you in the opening part

I said I love you, you said am rubbish,
gave you my love but you discard it like rubbish,
called me ugly and black like shoe with no polish,
you hurt my feelings and my soul you punish,
but you love James who is white and British,
for your love I will stay dumb and foolish,
love you forever from now till I vanish.

seriously even if she doesn't have the slightest feeling for you she would sure laugh if you send this to her and that might be just what you need

I slept calling your name,
I woke up calling your name,
now I can’t answer my name
but I love you all the same

short enough to go as an sms, especially in the morning