4 Steps To Making Money From Blogging

Ever wondered why there are so many bloggers these days? well its because people make money from blogging. the most popular social networking site, Facebook, is actually a micro blogging platform, have you though about the kind of contents you post to your facebook profile? you post jokes, sometimes advice, what bothers you, pictures and much more and these posts generate comments from your friends, they like it as well, yet you have been doing all these for free, or have you ever been paid by facebook for having a lot of likes on picture, or lots of comment on status?

Well its time you started making money from that which you are already doing for free, i understand you might want to say you are not good in writing, well the reason you might give that excuse is because you are not writing about something that interests you, firstly i believe you are educated and you have completed at least a secondary school education, so it means you can at least write a composition, which if you can't write, then "I'm sorry for you". Now before you get angry with me for being that brash, dont close the site just yet, lets continue.

The first step in becoming a blogger is to choose a niche that interests you, it could be health, managements, religion, information technology, home management, accounting, sports, entertainment, marriage /relationships, poetry and so on, any niche whatsoever that you know would readily write about no matter how not-in-the-mood you are.

Step 1: Choose your niche and start writing articles on several topics in that niche, remember your target is to get Google to approve your blog, so that they can start showing adverts on your blog through which you can make money, so make your writeup as unique as possible, unique in the sense that, what you write should be yours, don't copy from other website, you can get ideas from other websites, since there is practically no niche someone is not already writing on, so what would your blog unique is your view about that same topic, your write ups should not be less than 30, anything less than different unique articles will not Google approve your blog, so the more content you write the better your chances, let me give you a hint here, your note back in school will be a good place to start, your final year projects, these are very good starting points. your contents must be reasonable not just a jumbled up collection of gibberish, take your time to come up with quality contents

Step 2: Choose your domain name and find a website developer that can help you with developing a website, your domain name has to be well chosen and well targeted, once you have settled website developer to help you with setting up a website, then you can move to the next level, i would have suggested you open a blogger account on blogspot.com or wordpress.com which would end up giving you yourdomain.wordpress.com or yourdomain.blogspot.com but Google only approves top level domain, if you need help with setting up your website, you can contact me HERE

Step 3: At this stage your blog/website is up and running with your contents, so what you should do at this point is to start sharing the contents from your blog on facebook or twitter so your friends can click on the link back to your blog, for those who have a large friend list would appreciate it at this point, your aim at this point is to get as much traffic as possible to your blog, the key is this, the more traffic your blog has the more money you can make from it, so take it cool, don't rush and don't expect all the big cahs will start rushing in immediately.

Step 4: Your blog should have been running for more than a week now and people have started visiting and relating with the blog, at this stage you can go ahead to apply for Google adsense google.com/adsense, after applying and Google has verified your blog to see that it is good enough to be advertised on, you will receive a message, directing you to go setup your adverts code on the Google adsense backend, you do not have to be a computer whizkid to do that, these codes are to be placed on your blog to enable Google analyze your site and when analysis is complete, adverts will start showing on your site, note analysis of your blog by Google crawlers might take more than a week or even less.

All through the time between applying for adsense and the time adverts eventually start showing you must keep writing frsh contents and sharing your blog contents on facebook, twitter or email list