70 Year Old Woman Looking Like 40- Annette larkins (Video)

A lot of people want to look younger than their age, but not everyone can do all that is required to live a life that guarantees that, well it's not the same for Annette Larkins who at the age of 70 looks like a 40 year old lady, the 70 year old grand ma who has children in their 50's says she doesn't feel any way close to being 70, so the question is, how has she been able to achieve such a feat?

According to her, she started off 27 years ago by changing her eating habits to eating 100% raw vegetable diet, she eats fruits and nuts, she grows her own food and doesn't eat any animal products, and she collects rain water which she also drinks, she made the switch when she was younger just to obtain certain health benefits but 27 years down the line, she looks great and she says she doesn't regret her decision one bit.

These when she's out with her husband, people often mistake her as his daughter, in all the time she has been eating raw vegetables and fruits, she has written, two books and made a DVD on the organic foods, and she has been featured on so many TV shows and she has even had her book translated to Spanish, perhaps you are still young and you are thinking how you could maintain your youthfulness, well you could learn a thing or two from her, even if you might not go the full stretch, adopting some of her options will do your body a lot of good