When you think of the next Christmas, the new year, Easter, and probably Valentine what kind of gift comes to your mind? What are you possibly going to give on your partner's next birthday? You gonna buy a diamond ring? BB "Skyscraper6" BB "Bone-face4"? That Iphone "U have never seen anything?" The Honda "Discussion get me high?" or probably the I pad "Do it all?"

When you do your "Mini mini mani mo" and you finally get one of the best gifts to give for that moment, you get your mouth on the sipping edge of a glass cup as you mutter "Cheers". If you're a man, you bet she's going to pull out her heart and just give to you right? Now, next year you think of another gift and that continues till "Death do you part." After 20years, ask what and what gifts you'Ve given her and she would only remember few. Some will not even remember any.

I am here to tell you the best gift you can ever give for the love of a relationship.

Hear lady's confession on her wedding night.
***(In the arms of the husband) My love, my joy, my all, I've waited and longed for this day and for this experience. Thank you for your patience in making my dream a reality. I would not but tell of it to the whole world; there's no match for it!

When I was younger, I vowed that no guy, but my husband, would neither sleep over in my apartment nor eat my best delicacy. No guy was going to just handle me anyhow, let alone kissing and romance. I waited for you and you came. It was a thing of surprise and a rhythm of unspeakable joy, after all, that you helped made my dream a reality. You're indeed a Hero of love among men.

My heart leaps for joy on this day and I'm sure God will be happy at this union. Here am I, forever in your arms!
How I wish today, that the world go back to the olden days rule, where the bride's mother would be waiting outside to collect the white clothing stained with blood. I'm proud to say I love you and I'll do, till death do us part.***

What a confession, you'll say!
"And that is the best gift you can ever give to celebrate a relationship."
Sex is never a proof of LOVE. Or when you gave it, he never asked for it or he loved you better? I guess no! So wait till that day.

Then the question is, "How many ladies can actually say this on their wedding day?" Sister, Can you? And "How many guys can wait to hear such confession? Brother, can you?"
If you are still whole as a lady, you can set your mind at making such confession on your wedding day also. By that, I bet your husband will value you greatly afterwards. Don't listen to the guy who says "Prove that you love me by kissing, caressing, fondling, smooching, necking, snuggling, romancing and having sex with me". They'll only make a mess of you and dump you afterwards. Real love is found in waiting! Pre-marital sex is never a proof of love! Get it.

"Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but fornicators and adulterers God will judge." (Hebrews 13:4).