There is something about the morning that makes it very sacred, the morning time is a very special time. In the morning people pray, in the morning people feel refreshed, for those who get enough rest though, the morning carries an authority of beginning and its the genesis of everyday.
The morning time has a strength about it, the sun comes out in its strength in the morning, can you just imagine how you feel in the morning when you wake in the morning and the sun is not shinning and everywhere is cloudy, there is a way it dampens your spirit, not in a pathetic way though, but for people who suffer from depression a gloomy morning is one that keeps the depression even stronger, but when the sun shines in its strength it gives you strength you feel this purpose swell inside you.
The morning indicates victory, victory in the sense that the sun gets victorious over darkness, and what happens in the morning like we always say is that the sun rises, only a victorious person can rise, only an healthy person can rise, so we can also say the morning also has a healing about it, a lot of times when we go to bed pondering certain things in our heads we wake up in the morning and we just rise above it, with the confidence of a new day, another opportunity to make things happen.
Having said all this about the morning time, imagine then if you take the morning time has a time to express your love, so it mean love expressed in the morning is sacred, the love has strength, such a love is victorious, such a love heals, it doesn't matter the kind of mis understanding you must have had with that person the night before, let them know its a new day and you love them still.