What would you possibly answer if someone actually asks you the question "CAN YOU PAINT?" For you, who doesn't really know how to, you'll say you never learnt it right?

When it comes to coloring the today we are in now, everyone is a potential painter.
And your today is never more colorful than you painted it yesterday.

One thing about it though is, the sun helps it glow. You plant sadness, sorrow and grief of heart and you reap gloom; plant a little faith and hope then the sun helps brings out a colourful joy. It is what you sow that you reap.

Since no one then knows what today really looks like, many just want to jump into it and accept whatever it brings. But as for me, though I did not know what colour today would bring, but I decided I was not going to stay back in my yesterday.

No matter what yesterday has made you, you've got to stand up and make everyday, even today count. This is nothing but a show of choice...

And when you might have coloured your today, you stand a ground to coloring your tomorrow.
Everyday is the day that the Lord has made; it is your choice to rejoice and be glad in it.