Supernatural prosperity is entrusted. There is a blessing that is inherited by every believer of the gospel. Giving is an habit of a blessed person, and to him that give more shall be given back unto him but to him that with hold the little that he has will be taken from a him.
People do not give for lack of faith and wisdom. The poor think of how to send money lavishly, the rich how to multiply it. Poverty begins when your expenses are greater than your income, yet we have many that live above their income.
Financial prosperity is not magic. You must follow certain principles, to become rich is not by chance is by taking corrective measures. To experience supernatural prosperity you must be a seed sower and a giver in faith that your reward comes from heaven.
Nothing goes for nothing; to receive cash you must have something in exchange for it, which means there have to something you can give to receive. To every currency there amount values which represent goods or service. The amount of your value depends on the superiority of your goods or service; meaning that value is what you need to give to receive money and the more your value is worth the more money you make.

To begin the journey of prosperity, is there any value in you either in goods or service that you can exchange for money? Be wise in your answer, the intangible is what create wealth the most. You don’t get something for nothing, everything that exist in life is a measure of value.

The best development you can ever have is increase in your ability to add value, stop chasing money and start adding value to your life. Everybody gravitate towards the person with higher value, so the higher your value the more you will make.
The raw material to add value is your thought. If you want to experience financial prosperity you must learn to expand your thought. When you expand your thought you develop more capacity to create value. If you don’t think you will sting, beware!
Acquire uncommon skills that are needed but not available. Time is a convertible resource, you can convert your time to value. Every idea can translate into value only if you can go out of your way to implement such idea. Anytime an idea comes to your head and you wipe it off you are like Esau in the bible.

A transformation that does not happen from inside is not real. When you are poor in thinking but rich in money, it only a matter of time you will lose the money no matter how plenty it is. To be poor in thinking is to be poor in value which ultimately means poverty. Poor people will never think of taking a risk because they are short sighted.
Gen 25:7, Ecc 10:15, 1Tm 4:8