More than ever before the eyes of the people living in the digital age (which includes you) is exposed to more bright lights and the exposure of the eyes to bright light for extended period does not do the eyes any good, people care a lot more these days for their skin and face than they do for the eyes yet it is the eyes that is being exposed to more dangers than before, I sincerely pray that your eyes will not give up on you even in your old age.

The bright light of the computer screen, the bright light of the smart phones everyone brandishes these days, and the ever increasingly large TV screens, even right now your eyes are exposed to brightness of that computer screen or of that mobile device of yours, only God knows how long you have been on that screen and how long you will remain there after reading this, the earlier you took care of your eyes by adopting these risk reducing lifestyles the better.

Help your eyes serve you longer visit an optician to obtain an anti-reflective lens glasses they are not necessarily recommended glasses though they might seem so, or you can also get u-v protection shades, which is what I use though, the anti-reflective lens glasses is particularly good for people who work for long hours on the compute and for people who use the mobile device a lot as well (that is like everybody), take care of your eyes you have but just two.