Focusing on God will cause people to focus on you. Satisfying your relationship with God in good character will announce you to the world, no matter how reserved you are your Godly character will reveal you to the right person and that is a good positioning when searching for your future partner.
Accept that you do not have monopoly of knowledge, allow people to contribute to your life. Seek counsel from people that have gone through the process of waiting and have good marriage to show for it, they will be able to lecture you on what to expect and also control the impact of peer pressure in your life. At the long run it is not about what you do rather it all about who you are.
Charisma can open door for you but good character keeps it open. Cultivate the attitude of gratitude; you can only receive favor if you celebrate the favor you already have. Attitude of gratitude will make others gravitate toward you. Your commitment to self-development will make you an asset to envy and not a liability to be pitted. Commitment gives relationship stability
The way you appear determine the first impression you create in the mind of the opposite sex. Dress consciously, in an exact way you want people to read you. Know what to wear, when to ware it and where to ware it. Dress to suit your high queue capacity, it is when you come to the point when your dressing can tell people you are intelligent, that when you are really dressing well. Be in good shape; rest, balance you diet and exercise regularly the most effective exercise is regular trekking at least for thirty minute.

Growth and maturity means change, the only thing that is constant in this life is change. The true essence of growth is in wisdom and knowledge of new things, be studious constantly update your knowledge. Assuming that you know when you are not sure is the lowest form of wisdom. The level at which you give yourself to learning determines how fast you grow, growth is not about your age, it about your level of wisdom and by wisdom a house is built by understanding it is establish.
Avoid tribalism and discrimination, enjoy the love and friendship of others don’t pick friends according to tribe, the proof of desire is in the pursuit of it someone who does not know the dignity of labor will not know the value of money only if you know the people you discriminate are the channel to you happiness in life you will treat them more nicely. Don’t be possessive or selfish, be sensitive to the needs of others when you are a giver people gravitate towards you.
Honesty or dishonesty is the outward manifestation of the inward personality. Love will say the truth even though it is risky. God does not use our past to determine our future so don’t leave in the fear of your past, if he or she is meant for you he will aspect you even after discussing your past, it is a good test of love and the risk will worth it eventually.

Preparation proceeds manifestation, success in life is a function of opportunity meeting preparation. Only a goal setter becomes goal getters, don’t just sit there and wait improve on you and be a better person every day. You can only attract who you are because like attracts like. Have a vision of the kind of wife or husband you want to be and work towards it.

Pride rebels but humility attracts the right kind of person. Pride makes you despise people that are bellow you and rebel against people that are above you, it makes you isolate yourself from people around you making it difficult for people to move close to you. What becomes of you is a function of your thought life; you cannot have a new life without a new mind. Whatever will require God will require faith and commitment from you. Have a good motive with a good and humble sense of attitude.
Seed faith is sowing what you have been given to create something else you have been promised. A season without seed will create a season without harvest. It requires uncommon faith to sow uncommon seed during a season of uncommon hardship. The seed leaves your hand but does not leave your life; it enters into your future to multiply it. Be selfless, kind hearted, tolerance, patient, humble, and be happy with the truth, all are seed of faith sown to bring forth harvest in your future.
Gentleness means to be tender hearted, easy going, forgiving, peace keeping and peacemaking, not harsh or rude, cool tempered, and to be easily entreated. On the other hand anger hurts the carrier, resentment only affect the one that is resentful, impatience makes you lose close opportunities, forgiveness will slow you down, arrogance will close door on you and trouble making will make people avoid you.

Responsibility is the price for greatness, to be responsible is to respond to the demand of your expectations and desires; irresponsibility is not answerable to authorities. Be responsible for every outcome of your life, don’t transfer blame to other for what you turn out to be, avoid giving excuses that will justify your lack of commitment. Have a good sense of accountability and be thoughtful, dependable, reliable and careful. Our understanding of God goodness is the foundation of faith. Be encouraged, be unique and be proud of who you are.
Inspiring scriptures: Proverb 17:17,14:23, Galatian 3:28, 2Timoty 2:15

By Olubode Tomi