Sometimes ago, I was undergoing a training in an institute. In the course of the training we were grouped into four and asked to make a business plan each.

Since leadership is responsibility, I appointed myself as the leader of mine own group, though I did not know much about what we were asked to do. I knew there were going to be some people that would actually be the 'knowing' but wouldn't want to take the responsibility.

One funny thing happened during presentation. We found out that the second group that had presented actually chose, with us, the same product- "Sachet water making." That seemed to have prepared a defeating ground for our own presentation, that we wanted to change the product but just felt "If it's to be, it's up to us."

As I was making the presentation, now representing my group, other group members were yelling and laughing widely at me which was against the rule. Instead of losing focus, I concentrated until I was through. Meanwhile, the coordinator was busy deducting marks from other groups for their act of nuisance, as I was presenting.

After the whole show, my group came 3rd and the one that supposed to have taken the position came 4th owing to rules broken.
And If there were three trophies for the presentation, I would have won one for my group.

This is it: Don't expect easy success on anything you do in life. "Whatever you do without attracting much criticism, can't be celebrated with less critics."~A.O.A

Criticism, if used well, will really add to your glory in life-it will make you glow! Never see it as a blow on you, such that you can't waver. Deal with them with positive mind, as they come and you will live to tell the success story while you watch your critics defeated!