How Lying Can Affect Your Health

This is a second part in the series "the truth about lying" you can also read, A SIMPLE TEST TO KNOW A LIAR
Lying is by far the oldest sin in the world and if it was not lying, perhaps all humans would still be in the garden of Eden, but as stated in the Bible, The Devil lied to Eve and she ate the forbidden fruit and everything spiraled out of control from there, i believe you know the story.
People lie everyday and at one point or another you must have lied, either to get yourself out trouble, to put someone in trouble or to protect someone dear to you, if you claim to have never lied, well i won't be surprised because that already is a lie, so i would call you a great liar if you tell me you have never lied
You might find it hard to accept the talk of lying being bad for the health, but before we even go into the biology of how lying can affect your health, let us look around, the most common group of people that are know to lie and deceive the most are politicians and if you look at the life of politicians, one thing is very common, they do not have sound health and that is why they are more prone to developing one ailment or another, especially high blood pressure.

Lets look at the biology part of it, using a functional magnetic resonance imaging machine fMRI, scientists discovered that 3 areas of the brain become more active when someone lies or during deception; the anterior cingulate cortex, the prefrontal cortex and the parietal cortex, the anterior Cingulate Cortex is said to be in charge of of monitoring errors, the Prefrontal cortex is said to control behavior while the Parietal Cortex processes sensory input, what was discovered during the test was that when a person lied, more blood flow into those parts of the brain indicating they were working harder.

The human brain is genetically wired to produce the truth (this explains why every human has a conscience, even chronic liars) and so, lying is a reordering of the preset function thereby requiring more effort from the brain, these parts of the brain that are more active when a person lies, also have other bodily functions that they control, so for a person who lies a lot and lives a life full of lies and deceptions, these part of the brain are placed under greater pressure because they are over worked from a powering the persons ability to lie and so the ability of these parts of the brain to support other bodily functions reduce faster, another thing is the lack of peace of mind that goes with lying and deception, liars have to constantly try to cover their tracks and are also constantly always worried someone could discover the deception, this alone can raise blood pressure, think about it, the first time you lied, how did ti feel? was your mind at peace?

I really do not want to to go into too much neurological and biological explanations of the whole talk, because that could bore you, so in simple terms and to say it like the popular cliché we are all familiar with
"Liars and deceivers are liable to die young", let your yes be yes and your no be no. remember to forward and share