One of the bible characters in the old testament, who is worthy of avalanche of emulation, is Joseph.

His mother spent years of barreness before He could come into being.
PRAYER: May all your years of pains bring the unspeakable joy that swallows all this present joy, and all your waitings, with their pains and mockery be turned into untold joy.

He dreamed dreams and one day the brothers wanted Him dead to end His dream
PRAYER: I pray, any man born of a woman, who has planned to end your Success cum destiny fulfilment shall pay with their lives. (Gen 37:20)

At the age of 17, He was sold into the hand of enemies, with his cloth of many colours torn and then cast him into the pit. (Gen 37:23)
PRAYER: Any devilish plan to stripe you of your glory, be thwarted and wherever you've been sold, into obscurity or irrelevance, may the Blood of Jesus buy you today in Jesus name.

In Egypt, He was doing fine until temptation surfaced. Instead of giving in to fall for the trap, He saw the plan of the devil and he encouraged Himself not to act wickedly, but then his innocence was soiled. He tried all His best to prove himself guiltless but the deed was done.
The verdict was passed and then He was "cast" into the prison. (Gen 39:9-)
PRAYER: Any agenda of the devil to turn your righteousness into shame to sing songs of mockery against your faithfulness unto God, will be destroyed in Jesus name.
The prison prepared for you, shall those who prepared it find themselves, in Jesus name.

He was in the prison and yet he found favour. (Gen 39:22)
PRAYER: in the midst of trials, temptation and cruel hatred, where people or life have shut you, may you find favour before man and God in Jesus name.

Then in the Prison, He interpreted dreams and the one whose dream favoured promised to help him out but he forgot. (Gen 40:23)
PRAYER: is their anyone who is supposed to remember you for good: to promote, to bless or to help you? Let the Lord that has the heart of every King in His hand touch their minds and bring you into remembrance before them, now in Jesus name.

One day, Pharaoh dreamth a dream that troubled him and he needed an interpreter, then He was remembered. They bathed him up and put on him a good apparel (Gen 41:1-, 14)
PRAYER: May the problem that will, on it, have your name tagged as the sole solution arise in the name of Jesus. Like he was remembered and brought out, bathed up and had a change of garment, may heaven bring you out of every shame, dejection, calamity, lack, sorrow, demotion, heartbreak, failure even maritally, academically and career wise in Jesus name. And may you appear gorgeously where people have mocked you before as your shame turns into Glory.

He became the Prime minister without a vote, and yet no political aspiration! (Gen 41:40)
PRAYER: may the position of honour no one in the history of your generation has ever attained, come to you on a platter of divine election, favour and grace, in Jesus name.

At the age of 17 the battle of life arose for him (Gen 37:2) and at age 30 he conquered them all into Glory. (Gen 41:46) That was exactly 13years of battle. 30-17=13.
PRAYER: Have you started any battle or have you been wallowing in any problem since year 2000 and till now you don't know when on how you'll sing victory? This is your year! The God that ended Joseph's battle after 13 years, shall end yours this year in Jesus name.

At long last, the father who had forgotten he ever existed rejoiced at his survival. (Gen 45:27)
PRAYER: I pray, by the authority which I have in Jesus Christ and by the election of grace, that wherever people have forgotten you ever existed, and they don't ever care whether you live or die, they shall again rejoice with you. And you shall be the source of their happiness and joy once again.

Friend, no matter what drum this life is beating for you and the Chorus it sings for you to dance to, remember that God can do anything and that He will do. Just trust and obey Him and You shall laugh last. Amen. Smiles still does it with me.