Unconditional Love; Is It Possible?

Can love really be without conditions? its a question have asked myself a lot of times and its a question I'm asking you too as well, perhaps its a question you have asked as well and you thought you could find an answer here and thats why you are reading this, so i better not disappoint you by not giving you a good enough answer or by asking you the same question when it was the question you typed in Google or the title of the link you saw on facebook that brought you here.

Before i tell you what my own honest answer is,let me quickly take a little snippet from the Bible in John 3:16 there is a statement that states "for God so love the world that he gave His only begotten son............", the part of the statement i want to bring out here is the "God so love", there was no condition attached to why God loved but what he did out of love was stated and that which He did defines how much He loves man.

Honestly i don't believe as humans we can actually love without conditions even as Christians, that is if you are a Christian though, there has been a lot of analogies around how to define your love for someone depending on what you really love about them. statements like if you love someone for their great body then you are attracted to them, if you love someone for their personality then you admire them, its really not a function of all that, what i feel is most important is to have very cogent reasons for loving them and to have more than one reason because people change, if perhaps they quit having that particular things for which you love them does that mean you will quit loving them, when you have more than enough reasons fro loving them it would mean that no matter how much they change and stop being who they used to be, there would definitely still be one reason for you to love them and if you find in a situation where you actually love unconditionally then i say congratulation to you.
the most important thing here is to show love, express love and love the right people and right things, because love really does make the world go round and you have the right words here to let them know how you feel