I like the African Proverb that says: "The lamb that wants to suck from its mother will have to bend down!"
That is nothing but a show of humility and act of reverence. It's same key secret to receiving from God per time.

Without doubt, the reason why so many of us have not been receiving immensely from God, could be traceable to our wrong standing with Him.
Our relationship with Him should be like the siphon system where the vessel at the receiving end must be placed lower than the source. There would be no inflow/outflow if done otherwise.

Pride, Ego, Anger, Disobedience, malice, Unforgiving Spirit, I too know, among many others are the main reason why we never hit overflow!

Before we would file that spiritual lawsuit against that witch, let us help ourselves in this way.
Let us with all sincerity of heart Pray thus:
Father, I am sorry for all the wrongs I ever did that have served as the barrier against my abundance in life. I confess all manners of sin( disobedience, Pride, hatred, Anger, malice, envy, selfishness, Unforgiveness, Vain glory, fornication, adultery, lust, and such likes) this hour, and I ask that you forgive me in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen!

Watch out for the overflow soonest if you've done this with all your heart.

By Adegoke Olalekan Adebumiti