Success is the achievement of an aim, to be successful in life depends largely on you. People that achieve true success are people who have taken responsibility for every outcome of their lives, people who do not give excuses but are responsible for their actions at every point in time.

To achieve true success is to be successful in all areas of life. True success means you are succeeding in every aspect of your life not lacking behind or failing in some areas but excelling in all things. It is possible to excel in all things and achieve all round success; yes it is possible if you follow the right principle.
There are certain principles that must be present in your life, habit you need to cultivate and attitude you need to have in other to succeed. It will help you maximize your time, save energy, reduce stress, enhance your results and make you a better person.

To place close watch on something or someone, the ability to notice important details are quality of someone that is observant and it a very important principle of successful people. It is an essential principle that brings uncommon result, without observation it will be difficult to see opportunities and the hidden treasures of life. With a great skill of been observant you will make things happen faster and have solution to every problem at every point in time.

The small effort it takes to get organized can lead to a huge payoff and good success. To be organized and orderly is an element of success that every aspirant of true success should possess. Establishing a schedule, getting rid of procrastination and drawing a dead line Can help you leave a more organize life. Learn to write out what you want to achieve and time you want to achieve them. Make it a point of duty to go according to your written plan. Get and keep all material needed for the achievement of your goal, with this you will achieve more result with less time and effort.
Getting organized will save you the stress of forgetting things, running late and never seeming to have enough time for other priorities. Think about areas you need to get organize I can bet there is don’t say you don’t have. Then with the help of a parent or friend brainstorm some ways you can improve.
Having a support system is a vital principle that is indispensable in achieving true success. Knowing and getting who can help in your effort to succeed must be a habit to cultivate with a good sense of attitude. Family, friends, teachers and mentors are essential factor that determine the level of your success.
Parenting is owning or controlling subsidiary ones learn to ask your parent how well he or she did with the challenged you are facing at their own time, it does not matter whether they fail at it or not, your concern is to know the right step to take and prevent taking the wrong one. You cannot forsake the counsel of your parent no matter how unintelligent you think they are, their success and failure are for you to learn from don’t despise it.

Teachers show how to do something, they are the number one guardian in life apart from parent, most of them are happy to know you genuinely want to succeed and they will be glad to give assistance. Teacher been used here does not necessarily have to be a school teacher, it can be anybody that impact knowledge in you or the truth about life. Never fail to tell them what your challenges are and your desire to overcome them. Ask questions on areas you are struggling with, ask them to recommendation whether material or persons or seminar and follow them duly.
A mentor is an experienced person acting as an adviser; they are trusted to be of help to their follower. Having a mentor is of two benefits: first, you will get the assistance you need; and second you will learn to rely on support when necessary. There is nothing wrong with asking for help or been assisted, it will only enhance your result. Make a list of two or three models people you look up to. Would any of the individual be in the position to help you in time of challenges?

The truth is; achieving true success in most cases is a team effort, not a sole performance. You need someone and something to get to the top, no man is an island of knowledge. A truly wise person is observant, organize, and ask questions while in doubt, honor parent advice and look up to a mentor.
Inspiring scripture: Proverb; 15:22, 1:5 and 9:9.

By Olubode Tomi


Success is determined by lever of undertanding one's aim