I've learnt from Pastor E. A. Adeboye that there are three types of poverty and the third one which is "THE POVERTY OF NO HELP" is the deadliest.
You need a proof? Follow me...

Back in the days when God created the heavens and the earth, for everything God created from the first day to the sixth day, He Chorused. "IT IS GOOD...!" Of course you know, God created everything for the man.

Adam woke up one day, and Suddenly out of nowhere, a need arose for him. God saw a frail side of Him, and for the first time, God "said" IT IS NOT GOOD THAT THE MAN SHOULD BE ALONE; I WILL MAKE HIM AN HELPER SUITABLE FOR HIM. (See Gen 2:18, 20)
Someone might say "But that was God!" Why did He not see that from the Beginning? He is the unquestionable, remember!
So somehow somewhere, God saw a poverty-stricken side of Adam. This man was rich in all things except for the fact that He had no suitable helper- your wife is an helper, friend!

Remember, Adam did not lack an helper but a SUITABLE one. You sure know he had dominion over the animals. He would have seen the animals two by two and discovered the mutual alliance between them. The chances are that he would have looked around and discovered He was alone. That struck a high move of curiosity cord in him.

God was like, okay, I sure know what to do. He knew the best way to fix that "helplessness" as it were, was to take a part of Him. That was exactly what He did.
And immediately Adam saw Eve, he understood what she was for. He knew that was the missing part. He did not wait for God to say, "Adam what is this?" before he named her "Woman." You might need to ask questions and let me clear your doubts concerning them all.

It was God that saw the need but Adam was thinking about it. You know why? He understood perfectly on seeing someone like her for the very first time. He knew exactly what she was for. If not, he would have asked "God, what specie is this?"

A note of warning: It is the desire of God for you to marry "right" and if you plunge against that, It costs God nothing. Yes, nothing! You know why? God does not need help; it is man that needs it.

If you read that Genesis chapter two through, you will not see where God did make a twin sister or an identical twin brother for Adam. This means that your choice in marriage is not about searching for someone who have the same quality as you. Something was taken out of Adam- a bone, and with same, God made Eve. With no gainsay, I can tell you, that the one you would marry shouldn't likely have "everything in common with you." as people want these days. As a man, you need a lady that "rightly fit." God calls it a suitable help.

I posted the other day that man's greatest weakness is not seeing the way God sees. In this light, marriage is not only about "my qualities." it's about purpose. What God gives you might at first not make sense to you but in the end, you will blame yourself if you have neglected it.
Marriage is not based on preference. It is based on Purpose: Finding the missing part of the puzzle. God did not give adam a twin brother but something different. Even the law of magnet teaches us to know that opposites attracts. So, if I like something and my spouse likes the other- it's very much okay as long as God is involved. All things work together for Good.

Don't go about looking for just any help. All you need is marital balanced diet of choice and God is the One who can favour you to get the right one - that is if you want fulfilment in marriage.

A car could help you get to a destination, but you can't compare that with an airplane. Choose the right love flight and get on it, for you are made for fulfilment, friend!

Even right now you, as a youth, know you need a suitable helper. God bless you.