When The One You LOve Doesnt Love You Back

When the one you love doesn't love you back! do you quit loving them back? i know a lot of people will answer yes, finding solace in saying why love someone who doesn't love you, the question i will ask you is this, what was your reason for loving them in the first place? you can read up CAN LOVE REALLY BE WITHOUT CONDITIONS.

There must have been a reason you loved them in the first place and that reason would not have included them loving you, so when you say you want to stop loving them does it mean the reason for which you love them will disappear? if you indeed truly love someone its really not possible to say you want to stop loving them, it mean you never really loved them, the only basis for which you could stop loving someone is if the reason for which you love them is all gone, i mean if the condition for which you love them no longer exists.

So then what do you do when they are not loving you in return and you really can't stop loving them, because you truly love them. the best thing you can do is to let them go, not out of bitterness but still out of love, they might just realize how important in their life when you are no longer around, yes i know it might not be easy, but it would be easy to do for them because you love them. remember love is a seed, the seed of love you have sown in the life of that person will come back to in a way you might never just expect.what goes around comes around including love.
if they dont love you back, love them even behind their back, it will come back to you.


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