Why Every Man Must Treat His Woman Like A Queen

If you are a woman and you got here out of curiosity or in a bid to find points you can use against your man anytime he treats you less than a queen that you are, well what i would tell you is this, in dealing with men, never let your curiosity get a better of you, to all my responsible men reading this i say, big ups bro, only a responsible man would want to know why he must treat his woman like a queen.

You see, it cannot be over emphasized that you as a man, you are way stronger than your woman, you are tougher, more resolute and far more stable emotionally than a woman, in my previous article'Why Every Woman Must Treat Her Man Like A King', i described a man as being like crude oil and a woman as being like petrol, i will stick with that and its based on that premise that i want to show you why you must treat that woman like a queen.

Firstly, you are a king, that you must know, apart from God, everything in this world revolves around men and there is nothing a woman can do about that, no matter how a woman may try to level up to a man, a woman would always be a woman and a man would always be man, even a woman was made out of man. one of the very fundamental qualities of petrol is the fact that it is volatile, any little spark or naked fire of flame can cause petrol to explode, petrol is not stable, so the next time your woman starts acting up, don't get angry with her, doing that would bring you to her level, ever heard of crude oil explosion? no, why? because is crude oil very stable, so when your woman starts acting up and she starts nagging and doing all sorts of annoying things, it's your responsibility as a man to be more composed and put her in order.

A man makes things happen, a man creates things, a man is ruler over all things around him, including the woman and rulers and kings don't always have it easy with the people they rule, leaders all over the world are sometimes hated more than they are loved, they are abused and insulted by everyone because of one policy or inadequacies or the other, but does that make them command that all citizens be killed, if it were so, a country like Nigeria where the president is one of the most insulted in the world, would be left with little or no citizens at all, because the larger percentage of the citizens do not like the president, yet the man (Goodluck Jonathan) maintains that gentle mien every time, what am i driving at? no matter how difficult a woman is, a man should always have the ability to maintain decorum and still make his woman do what he wants while still making her feel like the queen that she is, in my own opinion a man has a better chance of marrying any woman and causing positive changes in her than a woman marrying just any man