Why Every Woman Must Treat Her Man Like A King

If you are a woman and you are reading this, i appreciate your taking time to read this article whether you got here via mail, social media or search engine, I'm glad you are here all the same, there are certain things about you as woman that i must let you know, you probably might have heard it before but then let me say it again, WOMAN you are a queen, a priceless precious beautiful creation of the most high God, let no one tell you anything otherwise, the above description of you is among the many reasons why you should treat your man like a king at all times (i know that may not be easy).

let me open your eyes to something you probably have not been aware of, men are like crude oil, like crude oil drawn from underneath the earth, men are downright 'crude', Bible says that man was made from the dust of the ground, that is man was made from crude soil from the ground, but you Woman, you are like petrol, you were refined from crude oil, you are a refined creation and that is why woman always look different in appearance from the man, the Bible says and God formed the rib that he took out of the man, your level of refinement and value as a woman is such that, God had to create a man first from the dust then you from the man, isn't that wonderful?

I could give you a long list of reasons why you as a woman should treat your man like a king, but i will stick with that which I've described above, men will always do crude things, he was made from the soil of the earth but you are refined and that is why you must act differently, so your treating him like a king shouldn't be because he deserves it, because there would be times a man would do things that qualifies him to be treated like a wayward child and at those times treating him like a king will not even cross your mind but you must at all times even when he does not deserve it treat him like a king because you are a queen, queens act gracefully, queens are respectful and courteous, queens act in noble manners not because of what people do to them but because they are queens or is there any time you ever heard the queen of England was involved in a brawl or a scandal, so woman act that queen that you are, don't be brought down to the crude level of a man, you are refined and so should you act, regardless of any rubbish a man does.

The catch to all that has been said is this, woman, you are too priceless a creation to be found with an undeserving man, dont become like a gold ring in the snout of a pig, give yourself to man that knows your worth and deserves you and if peradventure you are already with a woman that you think does not deserve you, as long as you are not married to him yet, you have the chance of leaving him be and if you are already married to him, well he's now your project, alife time project at which you must not fail, keep at it Queen, that man needs you.
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