Does Your Church Care About You Or Your Money?

Chaotic license in the spiritual polity has been granted so long ago&as many as allowed that "chaos" saw the light&gained more understanding while a lot more got confused.
In this age,we have "entered our own" because knowledge has increased&people are now seeking the powers that control the world in order to understand it more by all means&the more we seek. a little find but much more are lost.
Hard as it may sound,it was God seeking that prompted idol worship that's why Jesus came&declared himself as the way&the truth going on to say no one comes to the Father except by him.... Meaning that the Heavens are aware of various means by which man has sought God but Jesus is the one&only way!
But there is a mild crisis there....

The way of the cross which Jesus gave to us is a democratic way,not autocratic as some others are. Democratic in the sense that it gives room for questions while the autocratic ones don't allow questions because you are forced to accept not believe but the democratic way has been a blessing&a curse as the case is now because that is the main reason for the proliferation of churches like bean seeds!
Because you can question your leader on his conduct or words using the Bible, people now open churches at the slightest altercation or disagreement with their leaders&later cite the "call of God"as their reason for starting a church!

And gradually it is so evident that churches are now opened for making money that is the simple truth unless we want to deceive ourselves because if not why then do the bulk of our services no matter how eternity-focused the preaching might be it will still dance etighi back to MONEY making&its importance?!
In my tiny little understanding of the ways of God,I'm aware that 3 voices talk to man

1. Voice of God(Father,Jesus or the Holy Spirit)
2. Voice of Satan&his demons
3. Voice of Man,it comes from within

The difference is known by the grace of God&not by muscle
And I stand corrected though by 0.01% that the churches that sprang up in Nigeria after RCCG,Celestial Church of Christ&Cherubim&Seraphim&Deeper Life Bible Church would have heard about 10%of God's voice and 90% of the other voices because after these churches, though too much even for a nation, there was no need for another Church!
But what do we have?

Churches springing up in every container&under every green tree bringing ridicule to my Saviour's name instead of the appropriate glory. How sad.
A man of God at a programme in Abeokuta Ogun state said its a matter of time that all the shows run by GOs of all these new churches with new ideologies will end&all their packages will be exposed&the word of God that says we'll all be taught by God will come to pass because every Child of God will know God on a one on one basis without the need for any Pastor!
How glorious?
I can't wait.
A day when all Children of God will understand that God is not bothered if we are poor or wealthy but cares about our love for him.
That we'll know that proliferation of churches is not from God but the machinations of our heart as a result of greed,envy,pride&unteachableness.
That we'll know that Jesus' words are no longer regarded in the sermons of today,twisted to meet the expectation of the congregation or totally ignored to allow things go on......
Pastors scaring boys with hell,tying every good promise in the bible to financial increase...... Leaving out the simple message of just rest on Jesus&believe in him for your basic daily existence.

By Olajide Tchaidowsky
The Views Are Those Of The Writer And Not An Express View Of Gist&Rhymes