To believe means to accept as true or to take to be true.it can also be said that believing is to be confident in what was said to you or what you read to be true. When you say you believe the word it shows in your actions, if not you only know the word you don’t believe it.
It's not coming to church that changes you it's believing the word you hear that changes you. Advancement in church does not mean advancement in life, you can assume a leadership post in church but until you believe in God and His word no difference will be made in your life.
Believing the word is not the end road of faith, it is acting base on what you that proof your faith in God. Because at the end it is the doer of the word that is blessed not the hearer or readers.
Show me a man of success with faith only and I will show you a man fulfilled with faith and works. Sometimes you can be late and still be the latest, it's not about who gets there first it's about who remain first. It is said that the first shall become last and the last become first, do you even believe what I just said?

With faith you can go places it's only a matter of time, it's the period of fighting the good fight of faith that really requires your strong believe, once you are able to patience believe no matter what your circumstances dictate then be rest assured your breakthrough is close by.
Believing is important, it is only those that believe that truly becomes. It is said that we should labor therein, that means you change from inside out. From your inside is where the change will start, so change your thinking pattern, adjust your imagination and improve on your dreams.

It is important to believe because you act in line with what you believe. If you believe you are a failure; you act in line with that thought and with that causing yourself to fail eventually. If you believe you can go beyond the average level; you become satisfied with pig food and forget you are a child of the king of kings. It what you believe on your inside that manifest in the reality, so reconstruct you thinking.
Believe you system is right and you will turn out right, assume that it is wrong then you go wrong. It is easy to doubt and fail but it takes work to believe and succeed. Unbelief turns down God power but when you believe your life will shot upward and you stand higher than average.