Love Messages for My Sweet Darling Boo

I love you with this heart of mine
me without you is not cool and fine
you by my side is so sweet like wine
so glad I'm yours and you are mine
with love i send this to you from this heart of mine

We go well together like bread & egg
if i ever offend you on my knees I'll get down and beg
you are my eyes, my heart, my soul even my leg
forever with you cos you hold me down like a peg

This is my promise to you
to help you be a better you
to be your friend & never to hurt you
to make you happy that i found you
i promise to never break my promise to you

I love you, this is true
want to be the best, yes for you
priceless treasure, that's what i call you
the apple of my eyes, that's how i see you
you are my dream true, i just wanna love you

I love you, yes i said it before
believe me, forget the lies you heard before
i will love you now & after, forget the before
never to make you sad i will multiply your joy by four
my love for you is strong like a range rover four by four

This is love like you never had it
sweetness like you never tasted it
friendship like you never imagined it
I love you for real & i need you to believe it