Singleness Is Not Loneliness; How To Be Happy As A Single Person

To be single is to be separated, unique and whole. Don’t be preoccupied by who you are not so you will not forget who you are. Discover your uniqueness thank God for it and come to the knowledge that God does not give an help mate to complete but to complement you.
Make God your focus, where you place God in your heart determine your place in his heart and where you are in His heart determine where He place you here on earth. No man can give you as much joy as God can give, it is your connection with Christ and your faith in the word that brings unending joy.
True love is a commitment a desire to give, serve and please. Some who is not committed to God can never be committed to someone else. Therefore use your singlehood to learn true love from the God of love himself. God gives you what you need not what you want that why he said you should seek him first and all other things will follow. If it is not required that we have a period of been alone God we not create Adam before eve neither will eve be with God before she was taken to Adam. Enjoy the period of your singlehood it is a period of learning, pursuing your God given vision and growing spiritually.
Making the right choice is dependent on your prayer life and due consideration of the spiritual life of both individual. Patience is the battery that runs the clock of faith. Serve God without distractions, praise and worship him when you still have all the time in the world. A day is coming when you will wish you can be a single again so while you still have it make better use of it. The best period of serving God is in your singlehood take advantage of it. 1Corinthians 7:32-34