Like the professors in the field of mathematics have failed this generation of christians, those in that of English have not done less.

They came with loads of words with definitions and anchored us unto their beliefs.
They sat down in their defeated moral states which altogether, never saw past the fence of hopelessness, and prepared delicacies whose preservative they thought would never fail. They spoon-fed us with them, thinking we would perpetually bank our appetite on same. They were wrong!

They succeeded in tailoring us into their many-a-blunder and we helplessly celebrated their incorporated limitations. We hailed their anima and gave them the kingly portion of our kudos!

Like a sheep to the slaughter, they led us into a moral quagmire so deep, that even our Daniels would want to beg for their lives, rather than thrusting a portion of dominion on their educational robots.

As if that was not enough, they pedalled us into the realm of hallucination, romanced our being, into the path of wrong imagination and pricked our emotions incessantly, tickling every part of us all along, until our minds and souls were awaken unto an alarming enigma for the approval of their thesis.
"Generational Marathon of defeat" is what I call it!

Wait! What were they thinking when they said Impossibility means "something not able to occur, exist, or be done; Something Very difficult to deal with?"
It is written that with God "nothing" shall be impossible.(Luke1:37) Right? Correct!

They pictured a man as someone who learns the language he speaks from his immediate community and Jesus said, I am going to make them learn for free, the heavenly language. Do their linguists study and teach them?

God gave to us the registered version of it and satan tried to download or hack but could not. It remained a code for him forever. He then made a trial version and gave to his own but, china Nokia can't be compared to the one made in Finland, you know. Apostle Paul said, when we speak in tongues we speak in what? In MYSTERIES!

They said Hope is what a living person has. They defined it as "a feeling of expectation and desire" And the bible had said "If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most to be pitied.(1Corinth15:19)
Have you ever came across "Who against hope believed in hope?"(Roman4:18) How do you explain that grammatically or you have a synonym for it? They have made us believe that without hope there is no belief -What a dilemma!

Long ago, God wanted to Change the course outline of a renowned university in a city called Samaria, as the one they were using has failed them, as a shadow would fail a man who wants it to stop copying any move he makes.

So God sent a man of God named Elisha with the delivery package and with a bid to review the curriculum by adding another Course with the title "Eco 777." When he got to the King of the said city, he delivered the message and was set to go back home.

Then there was this man who the King trusted so much. He looked at Elisha and laughed, then would have said "What do you think you are doing? You came here to tell us what is not obtainable.

(Portraying him as a Nigerian) See, I studied "Universalian Planetine Economy" at the University of Toronto, after which I had my Masters in National Economical Evaluation, that at Manchester Uni. I am a doctor of Inflational philosophy and for your notable notice, a professor of artistic human resource manager. So don't come here to give us bullshit!

With the Cabal eating our money, removal of subsidy on all petroleum products, and considering GNP with GDP of the Nation alongside the Cash flow, without neglecting the threat of inflation, how do you think this would be possible? You even said tomorrow! Don't you know how many years we've been on vision 2020 that is almost turning glasses 2020? What do you think have been done towards its achievement.

Even if God would want to help He would have set a budget concerning that since. And if God would open windows in heaven, it is economically impossible. So, Pls go"

Elisha said, "No problem. It will surely happen but you will not be a beneficiary," and that was what happened. (2Kings7:1,2,16,17) Or how would you know a teacher is bad if he has not made you a scape goat?

Honorable, Comrade Doctor Professor, if you like, call faith any other thing and I will define it in God's version as: "the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen!" Webster, Oxford and Longman put together dare not beat that.

Before Jesus was born an angel from God came to the mother to tell him the outdated version of the Characteristics of a Virgin and then to give her the update.
He said? "Thou shall conceive in the womb and bring forth a Son, and shall call His name Jesus." and she argued "How shall this thing be, seeing I know not a man? "The Holy Ghost shall make it happen," he concluded.(Luke1:31-35)

When Jesus came, it was like He saw christians with little notes on the plate of their hearts memorizing evil words as though they were going to have a dictation class. He rebuked them and said instead of this, "Let the weak say I am strong and the Poor say I am Rich." He added this for us to understand: "By my stripes you "are"(not will) "made" whole!

What is the definition of man? Someone who is born and then dies right? God used Enoch to prove that wrong! "And Enoch walked with God: and He was not; for God took him"(Gen5:24)

It's like Elisha only had the trial version of this definition, so God decided to "full-versioned" his belief by taking Elijah up with "a Chariot of fire and horses of fire with whirlwind into heaven"(2Kings2:11) Into Heaven? Yes, Into Heaven!

Death to them is when one dies and cannot wake up again. Concise English dictionary defines it thus: "The action or FACT of dying or being killed" Jesus was like, if I don't show to these people that death is not the definition they knew, this Professors would spoil the show.

He knew Lazarus was dead(what they call fact) but told His disciples he was asleep. He was telling them that God's definition of death is Sleep, yet they did not get the memo.

After two days, He opened their dictionary and pointed to a word and said what is this? They said "dead sir!; the fact of someone being dead" (Jesus possibly frowning) Then Lazarus is dead according to your definition, He said. He corroborated it with this statement: "And I am glad for your sakes that I was not there, to the intent that you "may" believe.(John11:35) Believe what? That the dead do rise again against what their professors' dictionary has taught them.

When He got to the sister of Lazarus, the "sleeping beauty" He said, "Your brother shall rise again" and she replied "Yes I know, but in the resurrection at the 'last day.'"(John11:23,24) Her definition of "to rise" is conditioned to the last day. Can you see dictionary in action?

If Jesus would react like a "warri" man He would say "sho... See this woman o!" but what did He do instead? He upgraded their "Belief operating system" to Window Perfection!

That of Lazarus was a screensaver to the disciples so Jesus planned one that would be a default theme forever. He slept and rose again, even with nailprints on His palm.

Thomas checked His dictionary again when he heard that Jesus was risen and could not believe, but said "I would only change my definition of "to die" on one condition: Seeing the nailprints on his palms. Do you think Jesus could not have made them disappear? He could have, but He left it to prove them wrong.

When He-Jesus slept(not died) they wanted to prove it to the world that a dead man does not rise according to their dictionary. So they secured the sleeping ground( not burial ground).

When the guards woke up from their slumber they wanted to kill themselves. They never believed the reality of the word "sleep to rise again" after one dies.

Before we continue, what is "Menopause?"

Concise Dictionary puts it thus: "the ceasing of menstruation or the period in a woman's life when this occurs(typically between 45 and 50). And you know, no menstruation, no conception. As if God knew their limitation upfront, He used Sarah as an example.

He told Abraham he was going to have a son and "he fell upon his face, and laughed, and said in his heart, shall a child be born unto him that is an hundred years old? And shall Sarah, that is ninety years old, bear? (Gen17:17) He would have said, God you are funny.

Later, God sent another sets of angel to convey the same message to Sarah and she also goofed it. She laughed and then denied it! (Gen18:12)
She did not believe until she saw her stomach protuding. She could even be saying, "I hope this thing like pregnancy is not as a result of my gluttony." God proved her wrong.

He changed their thinking and Abraham never consulted a dictionary any more. It was then He started consulting "MYSTERY"-God's version of your profs' dictionary.

He had known burnt offering to be "killing of an animal, cutting it into pieces and getting it burnt" but God wanted to tell Him that burnt offering is "When you have an item for sacrifice and God provided a better one to be used instead" Did he question God? He did not. He just tied the son and was feeling on top of the world. The MYSTERY part of Him could have pinched him saying "Abraham, just play along!"

An angel had gone to meet Zacharias the father of John the baptist to tell Him God was going to bless his family with a son, that would be a bouncing one of its kind, even at his old age. He questioned the angel as he said "...For I am an old man, and my wife well stricken in age.

The angel must have seen him opened to the word "Menopause" and had seen the definition like Abraham and Sarah did, But He wanted to help him.

What did the angel do? He made him dumb! He had seen him, swimming inside the professors' pool of Impossibility. He told him, I understand well that you don't believe what God is saying because of your knowledge of oldage in relation to childbearing.

And if I should allow you the way Abraham was allowed, you would probably turn it into a soap opera of laughter when you get home with your wife; so be dumb! (Luke1:14,18,19,20)

When describing a horse, they said it could run more than a man and God decided to prove them wrong by making Elijah overran Ahab who was running with a Chariot. (1Kings18:46) Defeated professors!

One day one of them got something from his thinking and started teaching everyone.
"60 Seconds make one minute...
...24hours make one day
....365days make one year" and God sent simon peter to tell him a day with him is a thousand years (2Peter3:8)

What is a rod? "A rod is an omni-functional machine that builds a bridge in seconds, turns water into walls before the call of Jack Robinson, with an extra undo function, if used after the order of Moses." That's the definition from my own Mystery!

And a mantle is a machine that can turn a river into two opposite dams, with the same water being their walls, if applied after the order of Elisha and Elijah.(2kings2:8,14) But what is their definition of a mantle? Check it if you care to know.

God told Abraham He was going to give him a descendant that would be up to the number of the stars, if he could number them and one of them jump at that and said an uncontable thing is what you can't count. God proved him wrong that he knows the stars by number even by their names. (Psalm147:4)

They said eyes is what we use to see and God said no, "for we walk not by sight but by faith"
One of the Characteristics of water they taught is that it can't be used at fuel and Elijah proved them wrong by using 12barrels of water as a combustible. (1Kings18:34,35)
They said a magnet is that which could attract a metal and yet Elijah proved them wrong by throwing a stick into a river to bring out an axe made of iron.(2Kings6:6)
A sea can sink and Jesus walked on them.
A prison is a place where prisoners are confined and Paul and Silas said it is a crusade ground.
They called a den a place where lions live and Daniel said it is where you play with wild animals....
One of them taught us "the sky is the limit" version of accomplishment sometime ago until we were synchronised to "the sky is the starting point" version of MYSTERY.
Sad enough, Millions of Christians have anchored their lives on those beliefs.

I have pains; Oh I am sick; I am poor, heavy hearted, despaired, lonely, dejected, doomed, broke, sad, unhappy, and... is what we say right?

From where do we get those words? From the so-called professors!

As for me, I have changed the definitions of some words already! Join me and Let us prove them all wrong.
World's dictionary... Mtcheeeew!
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