When the purpose of a thing is not known, its abuse is gallantly inevitable; and the consequences could be detrimental at their best.

The "Know-how" and the "Know-why are two arms of knowledge which must be harnessed in every relationship that would plan to succeed.
You must have heard "Look before you leap." It means, Rather than just leap (know-how), you plan to look (know-why).

Bliss and bloom in relationship and marriage are the bargain of every heart. We want people to watch us have bundles of testimonies in our relationships and marriages without considering its Pros and Cons.
Just now, remember this: THERE IS PRICE FOR EVERY PRIZE

Education is light and knowledge they say is power.
I don't think I'll need to prepare a sermon to tell you what to expect in a relationship. Ask every lady what they want and they will tell you this this and that. I've heard so many of them say, "God-fearing, Caring, Tall and Handsome, Hard working and Generous, and so on." Ask them "why" and they can't tell!

Know this: a God-fearing guy will not use your body as a rag. He will not have sex with you and even when you say you don't want to, he will not threaten to end the relationship. A caring guy will not break your heart every now and then. A generous man will not ask for sex or romance in return for a good deed.

All those kissing, fondling, romance, sex and more are elements of good Marriage and even a five year old is opened to the "know-how". But the "Know-why" is what is deluding higher percentage of our ladies.
The "know-why" is what will help you along your relationship. So, ask genuine "Why" before you take any action!
Wait a minute! Why do you need sex before marriage? Why do you need to cohabit? Give God any reason and He will tell you it's practical lie as He answers you with this: "Let Marriage be held in honour by all (by a male and by a female), and the bed undefiled: but fornicators and adulterers God will judge." (Hebrews 13:4).

Wake up and Save yourself from heartbreak friend!