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Hold on, just before you start saying bad things to me for “mis-directing” you with a seemingly wrong title, the above title is satirical, so don’t unsubscribe or mark as spam just yet.

Truth be told there are a thousand and one vacancies opening in the country on a daily basis, because if it were not so how come all the job websites have not run down just yet and yet still manage to stay in business, if there were no jobs then they should have cease to exist by now, okay so you are saying “the jobs are not enough” well maybe you are correct or maybe you are not or perhaps you are the one that is not outstanding enough, what is the quality of your cv? How well do you perform when you go for interviews? Just before you apply for that new job let’s review how not to write a cv and how not to act in a job interview.

Your cv should be the most beautiful document that you possess and it is by far more important than your certificates, I say that not because your cv doesn’t have value (of course it is valuable) but because your cv is the document that represents you before a potential employer before you ever get the chance to stand before that employer and if the cv representing you is terrible, then that is exactly how the potential employer sees you, also it means your cv cannot pass the 5 seconds test, because that’s how long it takes a typical HR person to look at your cv, you need to stop using trashy cv to apply for jobs or aren’t you tired of getting no responses despite all your many applications? I am not here to show you how to write a mind blowing cv because there are a thousand and one articles on that you can always Google (“well written cv”, “sample cv”, “great looking cv”) and you can follow through from there.
Okay so you’ve been called for interviews countless number of times yet you don’t get the job and you think its some evil forces from your village (as possible that is), think back to some of the interviews you’ve attended lately and answer honestly did you comport yourself well enough? I could go ahead to give you a list of dos and don’ts of job interview but I won’t that’s for another write up because f this gets any longer than this, I bet you won’t read it through, but the one thing I will tell you is this, whenever you are going for an interview never leave your confidence behind, if there is anything I take to every job interview, its my confidence, I am a super confident dude and you can never find me without an answer to any question, even if my answer is wrong I will say It with so much confidence, the interview will begin to doubt the correct answer in his/her mind, before you go for that upcoming interview of yours determine in your mind that your confidence will not fail you, there is a thin line between confidence and arrogance though, so thread lightly, wish you success in your job search