Isolation Is Dangerous: Do Not Hide Behind A Fortress For Protection

This is still a continuation of the 48 laws of power series
There is a general knowledge that to be well protected you must build a high wall of self defense, well that is so true, but consider these, a high wall of defense often keeps the defended and protected person isolated and isolation will expose you to more danger than it protects you from, it cuts you off from valuable information that would be very useful to you, it makes you very conspicuous and you become a better target when you are very conspicuous, come to think of it, don't you think you would be better protected from your enemies when you are among the crowd, when you circulate among people, when you mingle with people you can find allies and be better informed on how to protect yourself form you enemies rather than building a high wall of protection.
Lets consider 4 dangers that isolation brings.

1. You cannot hear what is happening around you, including the plots against you

2. You lose your sense of proportion

3. You cut yourself from the kind of information that your life depends on

4. You lose contact with the sources of your power

I wont dwell on these points, but lets look at it like this, its like you are staying in a government reserved area, with a high fence, no one can visit you except they pass through security and all that, you will be less informed as to what is happening in your vicinity, you are cut off from the milling around in town, but for someone who stays in an open residence, in an open environment, not fenced, with multiple number of tenants in a busy part of town, such a person will be well in tune to the happenings around, any immediate crisis in such a place will be first know to such people and its such people that will be quick to escape, and also such a place will be difficult to attack because its not definite, no defined structure, no defined entrance and all that.
The above is just to picture to you what I'm trying to communicate to you here, it doesn't necessarily mean you should go and stay in a shabby environment, neither does it mean you should open yourself up to the crowd and dangerous elements, but that in protecting yourself use discretion, don't become over protective to the point of turning your own protection to you tomb.
Be wise, isolation is dangerous, no man can be an island to himself, neither can a single tree make a forest