8 Things You Need To Do To Get The Best Jobs

Perhaps you do not have a job or you have submitted countless number of applications, you might have gone for numerous numbers of interviews and you are up to date with latest job vacancies and yet you still do not have a job or you do not have that super job you desire.
Well there are certain things you can do while you are unemployed or while you wait for that wonderful job, yes, 8 sure things you can do to boost your resume, such activities that would make your job search more interesting and less frustrating than it currently is. together we shall analyze the 8 things you can do while you wait for the job, that will sure come.
1. Take a Temporary or Contract Assignment
2. Get A Training
3. Volunteer
4. Start Your Own Business
5. Start A Professional Blog
6. Be Up To Date On Industry News&Job Functions
7. Come Up With New Ideas
8. Make Connections

1. Take a Temporary or Contract Assignment: Lets imagine you have never worked before, you are fresh from graduate school, perhaps you are not even fresh from school, but since finishing from school, you have since not found a job and most employers are demanding you have some form of experience before they can employ you. Truth is, nobody wants to employ someone they are not certain can do the job they have opened, even you, will be skeptic about allowing that technician you are not certain can service your appliance properly to touch your appliance, except of course someone tells you, "oh he can do the job". Every employer wants proof that you can indeed do the job in the least they want to be certain you are up to the task.
How to fill this gap then is to take up a temporary or contract job, the idea is to make employers see what you are capable of doing, by the time you go for your next interview a prospective employer will not be afraid to employ you, seeing that you are already working in that same capacity.

2. Get A Training: Getting a form of training during a period of unemployment is a very good option, you can never stop learning, as a matter of fact, the more competent you are in your field(as a result of learning), the better your chances of landing that job. You man not necessarily go enroll in a paid training, but you can do self tutoring "Autodidacticism". What you learn by yourself even stays with you longer than what you are taught by another person, when you want something done, you do not give excuses but you find a way to get it done, so there is no excuse for not learning more while you are unemployed, learn whichever way you can, knowledge is power.

3. Volunteer: This can be a very difficult option to take, who wants to work without getting paid? but i tell you volunteering in the long run pays off, at first it might make you look seemingly desperate, but look at it like this, this is what volunteering says to the employer "You are passionate about your career and money is not what drives you", an employer not only wants someone who can do the job, but also someone who has character and integrity and it takes someone with character and integrity to go volunteer. Volunteering would mean, you would not get paid for your services, so it would be wise to volunteer in a company close to you, such that transportation cost will not be a burden to you.

4. Start Your Own Business: Yes, start your own business, when young people hear this, they often immediately start giving excuses why they cant start a business, capital and all related factors are the excuses they give, truth is no business starts big, so there is nothing bad in starting small. Having your own business will also boost your employment chances, who would not like to employ someone with a start up capacity, starting your own business may not be as impossible as you think, you just need to expose yourself to the right information

5. Start A Professional Blog: look at it like this, if you are good enough to want a company to employ you in a particular industry, what stops you from setting up a blog, where you discuss topics in the line of your profession while you await employment. An inclusion of this information on your resume will boost your chances, you are applying for an accounting, medical, engineering, IT or management position and you have a blog that discuss relevant topics in that same industry and you put that on your resume, that alone sets you apart from the other applicants, to think that you can even make money from blogging in itself and you can even decide to setup a business in that line while unemployed and you can keep doing it after you get employed, i will be posting an article on how to make money from blogging tomorrow, so keep in touch with the site or better still you can contact me HERE

6. Be Up To Date On Industry News&Job Functions: Customer service, sales/marketing, health care, information technology and management are among the top hiring industry, but how do you know this if you are not current and you lack in depth information about current industry practices in the line of your career, want a job as an accountant in a top notch company but do not know anything about accounting softwares? who are you fooling?, get informed and keep yourself up to date

7. Come Up With New Ideas: That same company where you have submitted your application is the product of someones idea and am sure the people who come with these ideas do not have four heads, so who says you can't come up with super ideas while you are unemployed, yes you can, develop new ideas in the line of your profession, create a section on your resume dedicated to all the new ideas you think can benefit a particular company you are applying to, for the employer it would be a case of employing you fast knowing fully well you are bringing something on board.

8. Make Connections: More people get job these days, through recommendations than those who get jobs through submitted applications and that is why you need to make connections, network yourself with people who are already working in the industry you want to get employed, a resume handed over to the HR manager of a company by another person in that company will likely get more noticed than the one that comes through email, so the larger your network the better your chances.

You best bet is to start practicing these things you have just learned and don't postpone the time of implementation, now is the best time so start now and don't forget to share the article