Yesterday evening, I was passing through the road in front of the School where I teach and I saw three boys throwing stones into the corridor of one of the buildings, enjoying every move of it. On sighting me, they took to their heels and I took another route to run after them. I stopped them and they were left unguarded. One of them was about to cry. To them I wanted to punish them. Was I going to do that? No!
They did not even understand english language so I directed them with my hands. I took them to where they messed up and I was using my legs to move the stones down the corridor. They got the message so they began to throw down the stones off the corridor, with the same hands with which they had packed them there.

When we finished it, with their hands dirty, I moved close and, with them all, exchanged handshakes.
They looked at me and put up a "get out of jail" kinda smile. I looked back at them and paid them back with their own cut of happiness. They looked at one another and ran away smiling as they went. This way, they have understood God's way of teaching us repentance.

I waited for a while as I discovered a message was coming in. I took my time to receive it and this is the delivery package:

Forgiveness of Sin and Salvation have too parts- Your's and God's. When you humbly confess your Sins, He forgives and when you confess and accepts Jesus as your Lord and saviour you get saved. Simple? Yes!

After Adam and Eve failed to keep their part of God's plan in the Garden of Eden, having eaten the forbidden fruit, they were naked. When you work for a boss and you soil the reputation of his company, he gets you fired and he could get you jailed alongside right? God's plan was not a twin brother of that!

Adam and Eve, like those little boys, knew what they have done, so they ran. But God kept looking for them. When He found them, He pitied them and, after passing judgements on them, He saw their states- completely naked. He found a way of fixing them, like the right peg into the right hole, into the plan again, but the deed had been done- perpetually seeming irrevocable.
He looked at them and was still seeing some portion of the glory He left them with, but nakedness-sin was giving him a bad sight. To help them, He taught them a lesson. He "made" coats of skin and covered their nakedness.(Gen3:21) While passing judgment on them I could picture God closing His eyes, saving Himself of the now guilt-filled sight that was once giving Him joy, as He was coming to visit them everyday.

Now they would be looking at him like "What a father is this!"
He was teaching them repentance and salvation. He could have said: "I want you to come back into my original plan but a part of the puzzle is missing." Then He taught them how they'll be whole again... "If your nakedness is covered I would have the chance of looking at you and will be able to monitor your whereabouts, because I could not stand you leaving my sight forever." (It is now that I got a clearer picture of the message. As at the time I was writing this paragraph, I could not help but weep... Oh Lord have mercy!)

They would have gotten the chance immediately, but their Solomon Grundy had threw the last piece of the dice for the game called the journey of no return.

Like I did to those boys, He sent Jesus Christ to us. He ran after us and showed us the way back to our first love. He taught us how to undo the evil Mr and Mrs Adam had plunged us in. We did the repair together like I helped those kids pack those stones. When the Corridor of our hearts was free with the congenital dross of sin we were growing in, He said "It's finished, having payed the debt that had left the whole world bankrupt- with His own blood"
Yet we were appalled by the rhythm of the message He was sending. He came close and handshook us. "But we are unclean?" some would have said. But He looked at us and said: "Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool." (Isaiah 1:18).

We gleefully looked back at him and smiled, beholding His glory.
And Still holding our hands, He said: for your Sins, pains agonies, rejection and sorrows among many others: that was just but yesterday and now no more! For "Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new." (2 Corinthians 5:17).

Like those kids, a feeling of importance and self-worth energized our spines once again and every nooks, in alliance with all crannies, of our being celebrated the Sonship authority we had given away.

Indeed it is finished. The battle is done and satan is defeated hook, line and sinker- completely! Our wrongs have been pardoned and we are born into the family of God.
Don't doubt the Sonship authority again, okay?
Now rejoice for Jesus lives!
AND IF YOU ARE STILL RUNNING AND YOU NEVER GAVE YOUR LIFE TO JESUS CHRIST, The film "The passion of Christ" is not worth a mint of the message of the Cross! So Accept Him today.
Praise the Lord...