A friend is a person that one likes and knows well; on the other hand it could be a supporter of a cause. To be friendly is to treat someone as a friend on good terms, to be kind and pleasant without any form of hurt.
Since the above is the meaning of friend and been friendly, and Jesus called us is friends then becoming friends with God is very easy. To be friend with someone you must have a good impression of such person and on this note God has given us more than a good impression He actually calls us to be friends with Him.

Now that we have a contract of friendship with God already the next thing is improve and to become more than just a friend but becoming best friends. There are certain principles that if dully followed will make friends become best friends with time.
Time is the factor that builds friendship to becoming best of friendship. The amount of time you spend with a friend will determine the extent of the friendship. To develop good friendship it is important that you create time for conversation on a daily basis.
Knowing and loving God is our greatest privilege, and being known and love by God is the greatest pleasure. In everything you do you can spend time with God; if He is invited to be a part of your life you will stay aware of His presence.
Continuous meditation is a factor that develops friendship between you and God. thinking about His words throughout your day will build your friendship with God just as you think of the text message your spouse/fiancé send to you all day. The more time you spend reading God’s word, the more you know Him and understand the secret of this life that most people miss.

Prayer is another factor that will boost your friendship with God. Prayer is a key to hearing from God and communication back to Him. Effective communication is require to have a good friendship with God and without prayer you can’t hear from Him and you know communication is not complete until both parties get the message that is being pass.
Have constant consciousness of God presence learn to hear Him when He is using things around you to communicate with you. Allow Him minister to you, accept is correction, cherish His chastisement and fellow His instructions. Then will you become best friend with Him.

Seat by yourself think of ways to remind yourself of God's constant presence. Prepare a schedule of meeting with Him officially on a daily basis. Think about all that you read and heard while in fellowship with Him. Learn to talk to someone about the wonderful experiences you have in His presence. Relate with other throughout your day with the love of Christ, and you will see that you now have God has your best friend.
Psalm 25:14. Rom 5:10