Life is froth with so many uncertainties, so much so the most prepared people get caught unawares sometimes, so for the people who are hardly prepared they get completely blown away when the unexpected happens and then they declare how unfair life is, indeed life can be unfair sometimes so you will be unfair to yourself if you are ill prepared in life.

Proactive people are those who act in advance of a future situation, rather than just reacting like reactive people, being proactive means taking control and making things happen, rather than just adjusting to situations or waiting for things to happen.

A person is aware the profit of the company where he works is on the decline and the industry to which the company belongs is no longer lucrative, but he passively remains in the company hoping and praying that things change and indeed things change when he get retrenched and his reaction would be to start placing applications everywhere and cutting his expenses while he waits for another job, that is a reactive person.

A proactive person would have been throwing applications around as soon as he notices the change in the company profit and he would have started saving more by cutting expenses even while he still has the job and so by the time gets retrenched he’s not caught unawares.

So what is it in your life right now you are not being proactive about? You want to get married, have you planned ahead how you will take care of your wife and children if your salary ever stops, you are getting a loan to buy a car have you thought of how the car would be maintained, the apartment you are renting, have you thought of when the landlord increases the house rent, being proactive does not mean you are worrying or that you lack faith, it only means you are putting your faith to work and making plans now so you won’t worry when others are.

The woman with the issue of blood was proactive in touching the hem of Jesus’s garment and not just waiting around hoping Jesus sees her. be ye wise as serpents and gentle as doves is what the Bible says