How To Make Your Marriage Work | The Ten Commandments Of Marriage (Must Read)

Are you married? do you plan to get married soon? perhaps you are a serial 'divorcer', well whatever your answer to these questions are, you may never get to tell me except you decide to put a comment below on this article.

Anyway whatever your marital status is, one thing is sure you would at one point in time have something to do with the opposite gender (well if you are straight though), so if that is true therefore, it means also then that at some point in time misunderstanding will come up between you and your partner, the question we all ask then is this "how can i have less problems with my partner", yes the operational word is "less", because problems cannot be completely eliminated, we can only learn to master the art of conflict resolution.

So what then are the ten commandments of marriage? well they are a set of dos and donts like the Biblical ten commandments that would make marriages and relationships less problematic

1. Continually court your wife with occasional gifts, remembrance of her birthday, anniversaries, give her some un-looked for attention and tenderness

2. Be careful never to criticize her in the presence of other people, keep the chastisement and rebuking of your wife to your private conversations never make your wife a public spectacle of rebuke and chastisements

3. Give her money to spend on herself (no matter how little), aside the general house keeping money. it goes a long way for her, it shows you still care about her person

4. Make efforts to understand her varying feminine moods, and help her through periods of fatigue, pregnancy (carry the pregnancy along with her) and irritability

5. Endeavor to share at least half of your recreation hours with her

6. Keep yourself from comparing your wife's cooking or housekeeping with that of your mother, except her own is better

7. Be interested in her intellectual life, the books she reads, the shows she love

8. Don't make jealous remarks when she receives friendly attention from other men

9. Look out for opportunities to praise her and show admiration

10. Thank her for the chores she does for you, no matter how little they are

1. Give your husband complete freedom in his business affairs and refrain from criticizing his associates or the work hours he keeps

2. Try your best to keep your home attractive and interesting

3. Make effort to vary the food menu, so he doesn't always know what to expect at the table

4. Develop interest in your husbands business, so you can discuss helpfully with him when he brings business matters to you, if not he would start discussing this with his secretary or a female single colleague in the office

5. Never compare your husband with more successful men (especially your father), be cheerful and not grumpy in your support for him when finances is not going well, especially when certain things you've been enjoying is dropped to cope with financial strain

6. Make effort to get along with his mother and relatives

7. Dress with an eye for what your husband likes and avoid colors and styles he doesn't like

8. Compromise differences in opinion for the sake of harmony, you don't have to always try to prove your point (your home is not a court of law, even if you are a lawyer)

9. Take interest in games and shows your husband loves, so you can share in his leisure hours

10. Keep track of the days news, happenings around you, new ideas, new books and all that so you can hold your husbands intellectual interest. don't be the type that is not up to date with current happenings

Having said all this, you must know that as good as this sounds it is still not fool proof, you must make constant effort to evolve in how you relate with your partner as you and your partner grow older, changes takes place, so what might obtain when you were both in your 30's may not apply when in your 40's. Also even if you are not yet married, you can practice some of this principles even during your courtship, by the time you are married it becomes part of you and if you are already married, its never too late to start. Happy Married Life
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