Captured By Ritualist & Returned to Town to Die 2 (My True Story)

Most of the people looked very weak and they were oblivious to our presence, there were more young ladies among them, myself and those that were with me started crying and begging for our lives, the young man who presented himself as my client soon joined us and assured us nothing was going to happen to us, all they needed us for was to prepare the food for the party coming up the next day, the butchers that i took along where told that they would kill as many of the people there that the priest handed over to them and that the humans were going to be meat that we the cook will use in preparing the food, the look of absolute dread was on our faces, but we kept quiet and did as we were told.

The scene before me played out like a scene from a horror movie, human beings were slaughtered like goats, the sinister looking priest of the altar touched a person to be killed with a strange looking fetish object and ordered the butchers to kill the person, none of them offered any resistance of any sort, i believe they must have been hypnotized by the priest, like a very terrible nightmare we cooked various dishes through the night, all through the entire experience i didn't expect we were going to come out of the situation alive. We were not aware of time as our phones had been collected from us and watches collected from those who had it on them, at a particular time of what must have been in the evening of the next day several people started arriving, the people i saw coming down into the bunker looked like wealthy and influential people and they felt very at home in that underground bunker, both men and women all laughing and chatting, each of them first bowing at the evil altar before heading to the buffet table where we had lined up the various dishes all cooked with the flesh of the people that had been slaughtered the night before.

Just like they had filed in the people who had come to the human flesh feast of the underworld , returned the very way they had come, sleep was far from our eyes and we waited patiently hoping to either gain our freedom or become slaves forever in this evil dungeon, several hours after the people to the feast had returned, the young man, my client came down into the bunker and addressed us telling us how wonderful it was that we cooperated with them but that before we go we were going to drink a substance that was soon presented by the priest, we all drank the red liquid from a black gourd, somehow we knew the implication of what we just drank, but we were not told anything about what we drank, before we left the bunker, the young man handed over to me the payment for the service we rendered to them, we climbed out of the bunker, it was evening, we got back into the bus and had our faces covered with the pillow case clothing, our journey back into town started and it was surreal because we never expected that we were going to leave that bunker alive, by the time we got to town it was late and we were dropped off in a less boisterous part of town along the road and off the bus went, never to be seen again.

As at the time of narrating my story all of the people i went to the underground bunker with had died, mostly because they all tried to talk about what their eyes saw in evil dungeon of the ritualist, i believe they knew we would never be able to tell the story, i lived to tell the story but i am prayerfully holding on to life as i have constantly come under several spiritual attacks for telling this story, whether the story or not doesnt change anything, people get abducted on a daily basis, either by their sheer carelessness or the absolute smartness of these abductors who use several methods in luring people, the abducted people are shipped over the death camp of this ritualist never to be seen again. keep your eyes opened, you can never be too careful "better to be safe than sorry"
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