Interesting True Life Fictions

The Wedding Ring (I Forgot My Wedding Ring At Another Woman's House)

It was like every other day on the street of Lagos, the traffic was boisterous like the surging waves of the ocean at high tide, the vehicles thronged the road like there was a prize to win for anyone who got to his destination first, like a drop in a sea of vast madness, i joined the mad traffic on the road, even at this time of the night the traffic was still as though it was in the morning, time was 9:00 pm and on my way home after a hectic day at work, but then was it really hectic at work?

I Am Married To A Lion (My Wife Is A Lion)

Most often than not, the trouble most people find themselves in are brought on them by their own handwork, but when the problem take over their lives and swallows them up, others pity them and cry foul to God, asking why God would allow such terrible things happen, when in true sense it's not the fault of the creator but an outright fault of the creation, be it male or female.

I Witnessed A Very Strange Thing

I woke with a start to the loud beating of drums and the hysterical screaming of several women, who sounded like they have had their fill of strong alcohol, but when my eyes adjusted to the dim light of the room, what I saw shocked me to the bones, my immediate response was to rub my eyes to know if I was dreaming but I could not move my hands and that was enough to clear my eyes, I could not move my hands not because they were tied but my hands were no longer there, I tried to kick my legs even my legs were not there and that's when I decide to scream at the top of my lungs but no sound ca

Captured On The Street Of Lagos (How I Escaped)

As soon as I entered the bus the conductor shut the door, it was then I looked around the bus and nothing looked out of place, I sat down directly behind the driver, two men chatting loudly with each other sat down in the two seats beside the driver, two men sat beside me, the seat behind me was occupied by two good looking ladies, they seem not to know each other as both of them neither looked at each other nor chatted, they both were lost in their individual thought, the bus wasn't filled to capacity, I and the female ladies were the only female in the bus an elderly man and a much younge