Interesting True Life Fictions

My Valentine Story (The Stranger At The Beach)

It was the 14th of February of a very wonderful year, like every valentines day, most girls are always excited about the many gifts they would receive from their boyfriends, well I didn't share in the excitement because I had no boyfriend and I had no gift expectation from nobody, but I was not any less excited, I was single and I was enjoying every bit of it, but all that changed in the space of a very short time, a time duration so short I still think a love charm was used on me.

The Huge Secret My Wife kept from Me

Some people believe it is impossible not to keep secrets, I for one i am not of that school of thought i believe there should be no secret between two married people and if i was told my wife could have kept such a thing secret from me i would never have believed, we hear, of women who have children for their only to be found out years later that, the children are not for the man, such wasn't the kind of secret my wife kept from me, finding out was very very painful, i was amazed, aghast, perturbed, many are the heavy adjectives that describes how i felt when i came in on the secret, follow


I was tired and fed up, there was no going back on my decision, my mind was made up and I was ready to go all the way to make this break up a reality, Stanley was a wonderful man, really nice person, caring and really very understanding but of what good is a wonderful man if he is not showing signs he’s ready to marry you four years into a relationship.

Mayhem On Third Mainland Bridge

having the popularity as the longest bridge in west Africa or is it in Africa as a whole? whichever it is, third mainland bridge is many things to many people and to me its just a route i take to work every evening as a night shift nurse in a private hospital on Lagos island, but on this fateful day, third mainland bridge became known to me in a different dimension.