Interesting True Life Fictions

The Girl of My Dreams

I decided to take a stroll to a fast food joint close to my house not because i was hungry but just because i just wanted to walk or perhaps that was just how fate wanted it to be, i took my time walking as slowly as possible, my manner of walking would have seemed as though i was sleep walking but i didn't mind i just wanted to take in the atmosphere of the cool evening, knowing fully well its not every time i get a chance to do this on a Saturday evening, i soon made it out of my estate after a walk that seemed to last a lifetime, the road wasn't busy and so it afforded me the luxury to c


At one point in time you must have been caught red handed doing something you shouldn’t have been doing, perhaps it could have been back then you were much younger or even in your adult years, whatever the case might be, you know what it feels like to be caught red handed, anyway the story am about to share is one in which I caught my husband red handed and just before you think ‘’well, men get caught everyday’’, you might have to think again because what I caught my husband doing is something that could have never crossed your mind.


Getting surprised on the wedding night can be good, very good or absolutely very terrible, so was the case of my very good friend Henry who got the shock of his life on the wedding night, just before your thought goes hay wire, wedding night surprise can take all sort of dimension from finding out your self-professed virgin partner turns out to be nothing close to a virgin, or finding out the handsome young man you got married to is impotent and in these days of transgender and rise of sex change surgeries one could find out on the wedding night as well that the beautiful bride is infact a

The Text Message I Will Never Forget

Who would have thought a common text message or sms whichever one you want to call it, could change the entire course of a person’s life in a very short time, well, I would never have thought so not until the series of events I’m about to unfold to you started happening.