This article you are about to read will make you master of your emotion and keep you in control of your feelings. Let your mind be receptive enough as you read then you'll see your daily life coupled with the decisions you make will be greatly transformed.
As emotional beings we are bound to have feelings which is out rightly not bad, they can be helpful or harmful it all depend on how you handle it. The best way to handle is in the care of our mind, our emotion is directly led by our thinking so don’t allow situation and circumstance make you use your emotion against yourself that’s the plan of the enemy.

The best and common way the enemy deceives is by making us believe we can live by our feelings and still have your way, well this is one of his tricks to put man in the dark. The truth is you can just live by emotions and think you will be best God as created you to be. So many people already have fallen into this trap by allowing their emotions to rule over them.
It’s possible you wake up in the morning feeling lousy without necessarily having gone to bed in such a state, well you either control the negative with positive or follow through with the feeling throughout your day. It when you are taken over by emotions that you will enter a store to buy something you can’t afford.

Following your emotions every time will limit your victory in some areas if not all, you must understand depending on your feelings is not wise because feeling is not permanent it changes from time to time. You can feel high one moment and down the next, no one can guarantee constant high feelings.
You must make a decision not to follow negative feelings, imagine you woke up one morning and you feel so down you don’t want to go to work or school, you practical don’t feel like interacting with people; that a negative feeling and your decision not to give in to such feeling is the key to have a victorious life. Choose to rule over your emotion and see your happiness will be unending.
Emotion will lead you every which way and having negative feelings and emotion once in a while it is inevitable, but we must learn to control them and not have them control us. The fact that you feel discouraged should not get you discouraged, it’s not every time you feel irritated that you must get angry, when this occur understand its emotion playing out trying to control you.

Learn to be disciplined and do the right thing in spite of how you feel, don’t always let your flesh have it way , least you end up doing things you would rather which you have not done and this may lead to all kinds of trouble. It is much easier to just do whatever we think, it is easier to throw a flip when we don’t get things done our own way, but wise men have self-control.
People prefer to hold grudges rather than stand up to confidently and look into the eyes of their offender and pour of their mind in wisdom,’’ having self-control is far better than ruling a city’’. Self-control is to do what is right whether you feel like it or not. Stand to do the right thing at the face of people doing you wrong.
Think yourself out of discouragement, because your emotions, follow your thought and for sure if you think happy soon enough you will definitely be happy. The higher you become a ruler of your emotion the lower the chances of your flesh having it's way. Emotion can only make you take a wrong step and make the wrong decision in great hurry, but wisdom and self-control will make you pause and think about tomorrow.