The Dead Baby (A Mother's Greatest Nightmare)

The saying "better safe than sorry" is a valid one that every one should keep to heart at all times, in this age of kidnappers abducting people for ritual purposes, in these times when armed robbers attack with more sophisticated weapons like never before, in these age when public office holders are more interested in looting public funds than providing social amenities, it is imperative for everyone to keep their eyes opened and be more careful than ever before, having said that, let me tell you this story the very way it happened, for me, sharing this story is an indeed very painful experience because the incidence tore my heart apart when it did happen and it very nearly tore my home apart.

I married my beautiful wife about four years ago, marrying her was a dream come through for me, for i indeed love her with all of my heart and after been in a relationship with her for about four years, it was just quite natural that she was the one i married, a year after our wedding my wife had a wonderfully healthy baby girl, beautiful just like her mother, been our first child my mother in law was available to help with caring for the
little bundle of joy, it was wonderful seeing my beautiful daughter grow, the sleepless nights of keeping her from crying when she could not sleep, the falling and crying of the little girl when she started learning how to walk, becoming a father, a dad and a husband became the more real to everyday.

A few months after my daughter clocked two years, my wife gave birth to our second child and he was a boy, what joy filled my heart, carrying my first born son in the delivery room that day was an unforgettable experience for me, little did i realize that i was soon going to have to carry the child lifeless in my arms.

My wife having gained experience from caring for our first child didn't need so much support from my mother in law, the fact that grandma hadn't been in the best of health left the caring for the new born solely to her and the fact that she was a full time housewife kept the load less on her, perhaps i didn't realize how much pressure she going through, because everything came to a head on black Thursday, after bathing the child, she proceeded to give the child daily medications, out of the many bottles and containers in the baby cart my wife took the medications from, she mistakenly and unknowingly gave the baby a teaspoonful of methylated spirit and she didn't realize this until about 30 minutes after when she saw the child wasn't breathing well, rushing the child to the hospital was another matter because the hospital didn't have the equipment necessary to provide emergency treatment for ingestion of poisonous substance, an hour after the child was taken to the hospital, the child died.

I received the call to immediately report at the hospital that my child had been involved in an emergency, i got to the hospital only to be presented with the lifeless body of my child, my first born son, killed by the utter carelessness of his mother, my wife was devastated and crying her eyes out, she was torn between crying for the loss of our child and begging me to forgive her that it was a mistake, i couldn't look at her and i was entirely speechless not knowing what to say to her.

Loosing a child is one thing, loosing your first born son is another thing and much more devastating is when that child is mistakenly killed by ones wife, i was under immense pressure to send my wife packing and divorce her, for three months after the incidence she had to go stay at her parents place, as it was impossible for her to get consolation from me, since i needed consolation myself. The whole incidence for me was
the greatest test my marriage could have gone through, it might have been easier for me to forgive my wife of adultery than this, but in the long run, i allowed the love of God to have its way in my heart, 6 months after the incidence i forgave my wife and took her back in our matrimonial home, it wasn't easy but the forgiveness was worth it, because after my wife returned she became pregnant and now we are expecting a set of twins.