My Valentine Story (The Stranger At The Beach)

valentine story

It was the 14th of February of a very wonderful year, like every valentines day, most girls are always excited about the many gifts they would receive from their boyfriends, well I didn't share in the excitement because I had no boyfriend and I had no gift expectation from nobody, but I was not any less excited, I was single and I was enjoying every bit of it, but all that changed in the space of a very short time, a time duration so short I still think a love charm was used on me.

I could have gone ahead to describe ken as tall dark and handsome, like we see in most movies and read in romantic novels, but I wont not because I don't want to but because ken was the direct opposite of this, he was not tall, nit a dwarf though, he wasn't dark, not an albino anyway, and using the word handsome to describe him would mean am exaggerating, yet he wasn't ugly, but in looks he was just okay, but there was something about his personality that radiated charm. He was very charming, the sweetest of words came from his mouth and he knew how to make a girl laugh, his sense of humor was over the top.

On that fateful I and a couple of my friends had gone out to have a good time at the beach, these friends of mine too had no boyfriends, we were a group of studious and disciplined girls not that girls who had boyfriends are disciplined, that was just how we found ourselves. My friends had just gone to get some drinks from nearby, while I sat alone watching the ocean waves hug the shoreline with monstrous veracity, the tide was high, though some daredevil still neared the waves, most of the beach goers just sat around sun bathing and just enjoying the cool ocean breeze.

I was kicked out of my thoughts by the manly voice, a man stood beside me asking “if he could sit beside me”, it was obvious I was startled, I mustered the most sarcastic sarcasm I could come up with and answered him “this is obviously a public place and anyone could sit anywhere, anywhere other than beside me would be most appropriate” he smiled and he sat beside me; doing nothing, other than stare into the waves like I was doing, I resisted the urge to move away as he was quite close to me, but I decided against that, I kept on staring at the waves and I focused as much as I could on the waves so much so I forgot he was beside me, but the fragrance of his cologne continually made me aware someone was beside me, after about 15 minutes of silent wave staring, my friends returned and with cacophonous chatter and infectious laughter they helped me out of my misery, he stood up almost immediately though not as one afraid or shy, he said “hi” to my friends looked at me and said “I'll see you soon” and with a smile he walked away, my friends looked at me suspiciously as well as with curiosity expecting an explanation from me, I immediately told them what happened, we laughed about it and continued with our chatting.