Do you lie very often? Or are you surrounded by people who lie? Whatever your answer is, one thing is sure, you would have lied at one point in your life and you must have been lied to as well one time or another, so then if lying is something we must always come across every now and then, wont it be good to have a simple way of knowing and identifying people who are more probable to lie and deceive among our friends, siblings, colleague and acquaintances?
The simple test is centered on a concept known as ‘’self-monitoring’’ you can practice the test on yourself or on any of your friends or siblings. Use one finger of your dominant hand i.e (your most used hand), draw an imaginary capital letter Q on your four head.
Based on how you must have drawn the capital letter Q, these are the conclusion that can be drawn. People who draw the letter Q with the tail of the Q on the on the right hand side of their forehead such that only them can properly read it are referred to as a ‘’low self-monitors’’ , while people who draw the Q such that the tail of the Q is on the left side of their forehead making it easy for people facing them to read it are referred to as ’’high self-monitors’’
This is the explanation lets start with the people who draw the tail of the letter Q on the left side of their forehead the “high self monitors” are people that tend to be concerned with how people see them, they like to be the center of attention, they are good at manipulating how others see them, they can do anything to make sure they remain relevant and the focus of other people and as such they tend to be good at lying.
The ”low self monitors” on the other hand are not necessarily so concerned about how others see them, they are concerned more with how they see themselves and how they feel on the inside and not how people feel about them, their behavior is guided more by their inner feelings and so they tend to lie less and even when they do they are never good at lying and deception.
Going by all that has been said above, one can safely conclude that even without drawing the letter Q, people who are so concerned about how people see them and would do anything to keep a certain image in front of people and act differently away from people ar already living a lie and you should be surprised if such people draw the letter Q to the right side. So go ahead and test your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, and everyone you want to test
NOTE: there are exceptions to every rule, so don’t go tagging people as liars just because they fail the letter Q test.