Goodnight Love Messages

The Perfect Romantic Good Night Message With Rhyme

When night falls and the moon appears
i think of you and my loneliness reappears
i reach out for you only shadow appears
i miss you and i wish you were here

The Best Romantic Good Night Messages For Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

I will endure to the end for my princess
I don’t mind the stress,
for my one and only
I could take garri only.
You are my friend my princess

Sweet Romantic Good Night Love Messages

On my bed
with love thought of you in my head,
on my own
missing my love missing my own
and as you sleep
remember my love for you remains deep,

Romantic Goodnight Love Messages/Rhymes For My Love

In the night time when you are on your bed and you are already fallen into a sleepy state, your phone beeps and then you see a message from the one you love, a very wonderful of how much they love