How To Handle An "Unwanted Pregnancy"

Sincerely i do not agree that there's something like an "unwanted pregnancy" because a man and a woman who do not want pregnancy should not engage in the kind of bedroom activities that can lead to pregnancy, the proper term really should be "Unplanned Pregnancy", having said that, getting pregnant or getting a woman pregnant as the case maybe can be such a wonderful and fulfilling experience when it happens under right conditions, right conditions being, the readiness of the man to be a father and the willingness of the woman to be a mother, so for the purpose of this article we would take "unwanted pregnancy" to mean a situation when an unmarried man is not willing to father a child after impregnating a woman or when an unmarried woman is not ready or is afraid to become a mother after she discovers she's pregnant, because there are instances where married couples have an "unplanned pregnancy"

so in the event of an "unwanted pregnancy" the man and the woman involved can do the following to make the best of the situation.

If for any reason the first thing the man suggests is the termination of the pregnancy, then i pity the woman for getting pregnant for an irresponsible bum, because one of the things that makes a man a real man is the ability to take responsibility for the consequences of his actions, so the first step in the handling of the "unwanted pregnancy" is for the man to take responsibility for the pregnancy, a woman who is afraid and is not ready for a pregnancy can draw strength from a man who takes the situation in his strides (that doesn't mean running away), often times a woman's fear in such a situation is compounded when the man responsible for the baby is afraid, it would be practically impossible to exhaust the steps to be taken in such situation because circumstance vary a lot, so in shorter term, getting involved in bedroom activities with a woman without the intention of marrying her and without plans for possible pregnancy or prevention of it, is recipe for trouble, so just avoid it altogether and if you cant then be prepared to be a daddy

Getting pregnant is an awesome experience, i understand that timing is very crucial and the unexpected happens sometimes, but that should in no way overshadow the beauty and the miracle of pregnancy, so many women the world over spend loads of cash to get pregnant, so the first step is to accept the pregnancy, accept it as a gift and as a result of the bedroom activity, after all a woman who doesn't want to get pregnant be wise about the kind of bedroom activity she gets involved in.
Terminating a pregnancy is never a good option, in the case of a woman who gets pregnant by being forcefully and violently subjected to bedroom activity, it is quite debatable, but even then the long term effect of terminating a pregnancy is not favorable compared to having the child. The guilt, the possible damage to reproductive organs even when it is carried out by trained experts is very high, as difficult, inconvenient and life altering keeping an "unwanted pregnancy" might be, giving birth to the child is still the best option, such a child can be put up for adoption when born and can eventually put smiles on the face of needy couples rather terminating it.
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