The power of the Internet cannot be over emphasized, i mean, if all i write about everyday is the Internet, then i would always have something to write about. Think about it, some of the richest companies in the world today are Internet companies, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Amazon, Ebay, Paypal, ClickBank, Twitter, the list is endless and the owners of these companies make money while they sleep, think about all those times you've been on Facebook in the middle of the night probably because you cant sleep or because you are chatting with a friend, Mark Zuckerberg is at that point in time making money from Facebook because of people like you (not saying it's bad to go on Facebook), every other day you make use of Google and Google make use of you to make money, when are you going to make use of the people power of the Internet to make money or you just want to 9 to 5 all your life.

I sincerely hope am not been to brash here, pardon me and don't log out just yet, am just passionate about this. You can start something on the internet as well, the options are endless, these days everything is possible online, you can eat online, why not? all you need do is order for food online and it comes staright to your doorstep, you can meet your wife/husband online using dating site (got to be careful there anyway), you can go to school online, you can attend seminars online, haven't you heard of webinars? you can watch tv online and all of the companies that provides these services online are making money online except you. You might want to argue that we all can't do online business, you might want to stick with your on ground business, well am sorry to disappoint you because majority of on ground business are already migrating online, so it would be an advantage if you start yours online, then you can move on ground from there.

Remember you don't have to be an expert to start something online, afterall the guy that started instagram used online programming resources to develop instagram and he made a billion dollars when Facebook bought instagram from him, just like that, am not saying work wont go into it, your idea is the most important thing, there are more than enough programmers & web developers out there you can contract to get the job done for you, including ME, you can also read about how to make money from blogging HERE, the idea is to make money while you sleep, to make money out of thin air, afterall you can't touch Facebook or Google yet they make enough money to last a man a life time, get your own share of the Internet now, there is no crime in starting small, but its a crime if you don't start at all, Facebook started from a university campus and now its worldwide, imagine if he never started at all, well we probably wont know what we missed, but thank goodness he started, I only just wonder what it is we are missing right now because you have not started.please start now, i welcome your comments anytime and remember there's love in sharing.