Happy Birth Day Messages for Him or Her

On this special day of yours, make a
promise to me that you will always remain
young at heart, have a fresh set of
perspectives about everything you learn.
Have a Nice Birthday

Romantic Birthday Wishes

On this special day, I wish for nothing
but the best in everything you do.
I hope I can live up to be the best
boyfriend in the whole world.
Happy Birthday my dear!

I Miss You ' My Love'

I miss the moments we hugged to forget life’s sorrows.
I miss the times we laughed and lived carefree.
I miss the times we cuddled until the sun came up.
I miss you all the moments we were together
Please come back to me.

Good Night Messages For Loved One

Thinking about you is the tipping
point where my nightmares end
and sweet dreams begin. I love you.
Good night
Good night sweetheart,

If Roses Are Red

If roses are red, violets are blue,
and you are mine, can I be yours too?
I love you

Love Is Special When It Is True

Love is special when it is true.
All I think about is me and you.
You are always in mind.
All the worries and sadness
are left behind. I love you!
You will always be in my heart.


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