Romantic "I Miss You' Messages|If You Miss Her Or Miss Him You Will Find Great Romantic Messages For Her/Him Here

Every Day I Miss You Message

There’s not a day that passes by,
That I don’t think of you.
Every waking moment of my life,
Is filled with thoughts of you.
I miss the way you make me laugh,
I miss the silly things you do.
But most of all I miss your voice,

I Miss You Very Much

A little bit of you
And a little bit of me
Have switched respective places
In a mystifying ‘we’.

When miles come between us
And our lives are drawn apart,
Our thoughts remain together
Tugging softly at the heart.

Ever Romantic "I Miss You" Rhymes

The clouds have rolled up,
in the horizon of my life.
The day you went away,
you left me nothing but strife.

A thunderstorm is about to hit,
I can feel it I’m so blue.
Take me out of this calamity,

The Best "I Miss You" Rhymes on The Net

I realized how much I love you,
only after you had gone away.
Now that I am missing you terribly,
I don’t know what to do or what to say.