Give me a bad beat i can make the rap good
i make the rap hit and i make the beat good
i make the word play and i play it so good
am like your neighbor you can find me in your hood
Good boy am not a bad boy am not rude
very good good boy not a bad dude
i rhyme this good and i look this good
rap this good like a very good food
all the time the Lord is very good
am in the rap nude and am always in the mood
i rap in naked truth yes am that good
speaking lies living lies am not good
i go on and on i never say die
super dupa dupa fly the apple of God's eye
i belong to the very most high
high flier like a kite flier
am so hot like a hair dryer
you cannot touch me am am live wire
you can really hear me am the town crier
i bone thugs with no harmony
what has light got to do with dis-harmony
overcame by blood and testimony