How To Make Your Relationship Lead To The Altar

Nothing confuses the soul of a person like jumping from one relationship to another. The biggest problem a person can have is excessive relationship.
There are certain principles for taking your relationship to the altar; make up your mind to stay away from romantic relationship until you are ready for marriage. You can meet the right person at the wrong time. There is a difference between friendship and relationship.

Date only people who are ready for marriage. Every time is not right for a woman; don't allow student who are not ready for marriage block those that are ready. A lady that is in her first or final year can get married but a lady that is over aged may find it difficult getting attention. A student is not ready for marriage because he does not have the resources yet. Don’t allow a man that is not ready tie you down. The man ought to be ready before meeting you, long-time relationship rarely lead to marriage and if it does it get boring on time. Two years should be the maximum always ask your partner his plan for the future.
Know yourself and know what you want. The major principle to choosing a life partner is self-discovery. A man that is a minister is different from a Christian chose a Christian everybody is fine in the face it depend on who you both are and your vision in life.
Are you certain he will always be there for you? You are the one to choose from the many, so you have to have a desire. It is your desire that god will fulfill (psalm 34:4). If you are with someone and there is no attraction for three month then you should run for your life. Marriage is not only agape there must be connection from within. Some you spend time with and don’t realize time has gone; your personality should also attract him. You must have the same partner, he must love you back, don’t mortgage your happiness.

Commit to the relationship with all your heart; have the kind of commitment married people have for their marriage except sex. Commit to see it to the altar, attraction brings you together but commitment keeps you together. Don’t threaten each other with break up, resolve differences; there is no relation without conflict. Courtship is rehearsal for marriage, learn to call each other and spend quality time together. Work is not an excuse when it comes to someone that you truly love, you will always find time and energy for the man you love.

Manifest the fruit of the spirit in that relationship. If your relationship is all conflict then you are not practicing the bible. Let the other party win the augment every time, no need for nagging you are not competing you are complementing. If you treasure your relationship then you must be ready to work on your character; work on gentleness, kindness and self-control.
Go for what your parent want or be ready to stick with your choice no matter the pressure. From day one find out what your parent want and that you are comfortable then be on a look out for a perfect fit. Don’t abandon years of relationship because of your parent. Parental consent is more important for the women than men. For a man you can stand on your decision they will eventually approve but for a woman if there are not comfortable with the man they won’t let go of you no matter how well you explain. But of you should answer this question; can you convince your parent? Work on a positive answer.

Despair the fear of other parties; marry someone you trust completely not someone people like or trust for you, remember it will be you and him not you and them. Marry someone that will give freedom not someone that will turn you to a prisoner.
It not advisable to marry a man you fear. There is no barrier in dating someone that is much older than you so far he can come down to your level and you can relate with him like you are age mate, love should cast out all fear in you.
Men also have fear but it of submission. If you are a man and you tend to ask yourself is she going to submit to me? Then you fear her and you better watch less you struggle in marriage. For a woman you want to marry you should no doubt have submission.
It is very important for the man you want to marry to always see you at your best. Stay attractive to him but set boundary for affection. Stay away from pre-marital sex and avoid co-habitation. When you lose you magnetism before marriage that is not going to help the marriage at all, your main attraction is your body.


I really do Appreciate the mail. It was a real help. Am a young lad of 20years in a very searious relationship with a lady whom is 2years younger than iam. I love her very much and we have been together for over 3yeaars now. We have our ups and downs pains and ache, but now am so not myself as at every chance she gets angry at me , snubs me, and if I refuse to do something she gets angry, and it hurts me so much whenever she is like that. I intend to marry her. But atimes I wonder if we are made for each other. Please advice me. And besides I live with my parents and I manage my dads one man business with hilm . Am so confused as to either continue or quit . But amidst it all I truely love her so very much.

thats a very nice one.